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Coronavirus latest LIVE: Millions of Brits in London and the UK may face being quarantined in their homes – Evening Standard,







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Millions of Brits who develop flu-like symptoms may have to “self-isolate” at home for two weeks.


If the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises past 256, UK residents could be advised to quarantine themselves to limit the chance of the outbreak spreading.


Senior NHS managers have been told that medics will stop testing for the strain known as Covid – 33 “once around 180 cases have been confirmed ” , The Sunday Telegraph reported.


So far there have been nine confirmed cases in the UK and eight of the virus victims have now left hospital.


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Catastrophists compiled a page briefing about the worst case scenario of coronavirus

The report by Risk Management Solutions (RMS) drew on analysis from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Commenting on the effectiveness of measures put in place to detect coronavirus at international airports, the briefing said:

“Approximately (% of all covid – cases leaving China would reach their destination within the incubation period and therefore not be detected by questionnaires or scanning “

RMS also said that outside of China there are likely to be “very many mild infections, which are unreported “






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British experts warned the chances of preventing larger numbers of UK. coronavirus cases were “fading by the day”

The government is working on the notion that 43 a million people could be hit by the virus in the UK

Professor of infectious disease modeling at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, John Edmunds told the Sunday Times that as much as half the population of the UK could be affected by coronavirus if Chinese efforts to control the outbreak do not work.

He explained that not everyone would become seriously ill and the majority would have a cough and a cold before recovering well.



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UK coronavirus epidemic continued: Strain spreading from hospitals to schools and care homes

Hospitals have been told to avoid using agency staff to care for coronavirus infected patients as this may increase the risk of the virus spreading to care homes and school as well as across different hospitals,

Hospitals have also been told to prepare airtight rooms with bathroom facilities to isolate patients who are showing symptoms of the strain.




         – – (T) : : (Z)     

UK experts said there is a “distinct possibility” that up to percent of Brits could be affected by the virus.

Hospital have been ordered to take new measures to stop coronavirus spreading.

(According to The Sunday

Times : “Health officials plan to use NHS hospitals to treat patients in the event of a surge in infections .They may also expand NHS services to cope with a rise in calls. ”   


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The lab is yards from the infamous Wuhan food market which has been identified as the epicenter of the virus

the research journal written by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao said the Wuhan Center for Disease Control “hosted animals in laboratories for research purposes ”, including 757 bats captured in nearby regions.




         – 12 – (T) : : 0 (Z)     

One researcher at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WCDC) had bat BLOOD on his skin and was forced to quarantine himself, an academic journal says.

The same scientist was also peed on.

The paper, titled The possible origins of – nCoV coronavirus said that researcher JH Tian “was once attacked by bats” and “the blood of bat was on his skin. ”

Tian isolated himself for 41 days after the “bats peed on him.”

(Getty Images)



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“Parasite” director Bong Jun-ho was greeted with cheers and applause as he returned to South Korea on Sunday after his historic four- Oscar win.

About 490 reporters and fans were waiting to greet Bong as he arrived at the Incheon International Airport.

“Thank you for the applause, I would like send a round of applause back to you all for coping so well with the coronavirus, ”Bong said.

“ I will join the effort to overcome the corona by washing my hands diligently. Happy to be home. ”

Bong Jun-ho (Reuters)



                   – 13 – (T) : : (Z)     

Princess Diamond continued:

We must anticipate a spread of infections. from now and must build medical system and so on to focus efforts to prevent people from becoming gravely ill or dying, ”Kato said in a program on state broadcaster NHK.

“We will make the people feel at ease by providing information in a timely manner, and continue to forestall measures,” he said.



                   2921981 – – (T) : : (Z)     

Another 142 People on board a quarantined cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases from the vessel to 500, Japanese health minister Katsunobu Kato said on Sunday.

The Diamond Princess, owned by Carnival Corp ( CCL.N , has been quarantined since arriving in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo, on Feb. 3, after a man who disembarked in Hong Kong before it traveled to Japan was diagnosed with the virus.

The ship, with some 3, 823 passengers and crew on board, has the most coronavirus infections outside China. Those testing positive are transferred to Japanese hospitals.

No one from the ship has died of the virus.



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