Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as global deaths approach 75,000 – The Guardian,

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as global deaths approach 75,000 – The Guardian,

British prime minister Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator but has had some oxygen support and if his condition changes the government will make an official statement, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said on Tuesday.

“He’s not on a ventilator no,” Gove told LBC radio. “The prime minister has received some oxygen support and he is kept under, of course, close supervision.”

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China China reported on Tuesday a drop in the number of new coronavirus cases after closing its borders to virtually all foreigners to curb imported infections.

It comes as the central city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, had no new deaths for the first time.

China had 44 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus on Monday , down from 56 cases a day earlier, the national health commission said. All of the 41 cases involved travellers arriving from overseas, compared with 48 imported cases a day earlier.

The overall number of imported infections so far stands at

Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province,

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Sharing an interesting article on the Guardian about hope that explores how in the midst of fear and isolation, we are learning that profound, positive change is possible.

Along the same vein, I also thought it would be nice to share a Twitter thread from the UK’s Lewisham intensive care team in which they thank people and companies for their support. This includes thanking countless neighbors for bringing them baked bread. (April 6,

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Sarah Marsh Daniel Boffey

The negotiations over the UK’s future relationship with the EU are going nowhere fast. Following a phone call between the UK’s chief negotiator David Frost and the EU’s deputy head of taskforce, both sides could only say they would try and arrange a new timetable for remote negotiations next week.

The two sides have swapped their rival legal texts for a future treaty and analysis is said to be ongoing but actual negotiations over that text seems to be proving difficult.

Following the phone call on Monday afternoon, a European commission spokesman said: “Last week, the EU and the UK provided clarifications at technical level on their respective legal texts. Clara Martínez Alberola and David Frost spoke by phone this afternoon to take stock of this work. Both sides will remain in contact this week. ”

Michel Barnier will speak with David Frost next week to agree a calendar for next steps in order to move the negotiations forward, taking into account the coronavirus outbreak.

The UK government, despite the prime minister Boris Johnson now being in intensive care, attempted to make the situation seem a little more hopeful. The government has put in law an end date of (December) for the transition period despite having the opportunity to agree an extension of “up to one or two years”.

A UK government spokesman said: “Talks continue to take place between the negotiations teams remotely. Last week, in a series of conference calls, both sides discussed and provided technical clarifications on their respective legal texts.

“David Frost and the EU’s Deputy Head of the Task Force, Clara Martínez Alberola, and their teams, spoke by video conference this afternoon to take stock of those discussions and to consider next steps. They agreed that there was scope for further productive discussions and that contact should continue in the next few days.

“Chief Negotiators (David Frost and Michel Barnier) have agreed to speak early next week to agree a timetable for negotiations by remote means in April and May. ” Daniel Boffey

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China must do more to help ease the debt burden of African countries facing economic calamity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Ghana’s finance minister said. (Speaking with the Center for Global Development, Ken Ofori-Atta said Europe may also need to offer special drawing rights – a form of foreign exchange reserves managed by the International Monetary Fund – to shield Africa from commercial debt defaults.

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Virginia Giuffre, an American advocate of justice for sex trafficking victims who accused Prince Andrew of abusing her as part of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, is in hospital and being tested for coronavirus. Giuffre tweeted to share her experiences of being afraid and having a fever as well as breathing difficulties.

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I am about to hand over to my colleague in London, Sarah Marsh. Thanks for reading today and if you want to get up to speed on the latest developments, you can find a summary of the top stories below.

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: (Germany records 3, Sarah Marsh (jump in confirmed cases

Reuters is reporting that Germany has recorded another 3, cases of Covid – , bringing its total number of cases to , , with 1, deaths.

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For those of you looking for an update on Boris Johnson’s condition, there has not been a statement so far this morning. The last statement from No 23 ‘s is about the PM being moved to intensive care on Monday evening. You can read it here.

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