Coronavirus live updates: Ambulances wait to take patients off virus-ravaged cruise ship – the – the washington post, the washington post

Coronavirus live updates: Ambulances wait to take patients off virus-ravaged cruise ship – the – the washington post, the washington post

Authorities in the virus-hit city of Wuhan have announced fresh restrictions on residents, making millions of people virtual prisoners in their own homes. Two provincial health bosses have been fired as the Communist Party struggles to contain widespread anger over the spread of the virus. Here’s what we know:

● The death toll from the new coronavirus surged above 1, 07 in mainland China, with more than 150 deaths in a single day, a record. The number of confirmed infections continues to rise, but the rate of growth is slowing.

● China urged countries around the world to soon restore normal ties, warning that if its economy suffers, so will that of the rest of the world.

● Authorities in Wuhan tightened restrictions on citizens, allowing just one member of a household to make one shopping trip every three days and placing entire buildings under quarantine.

● China is bracing for the return of some 302 million migrant workers to their cities of employment as the country’s economy sputters back to life after an extended holiday following the outbreak.

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SEOUL – North Korea has launched a society-wide effort to contain the new coronavirus, including production of herbal disinfectant from burdock roots.

North Korea ‘s official Korean Central News Agency said Tuesday that the new virus cannot be contains by health officials alone. It called for “workers at all levels and fields” to join in the nation’s battle against the virus.

One such effort is a “production battle” to make herbal medicine out of burdock roots as an “emergency prevention measure against the novel coronavirus,” North Korea’s state-run outlet Sogwang said Tuesday.

Sogwang said the “burdock antiviral solution” developed in North Korea in has proven to contain “a variety of virus” in an “highly effective manner” with “little or no side effects.”

Sogwang also carried a photo of the solution, on which its name is written in English and German. The propaganda outlet did not mention if the burdock solution is intended for export to foreign countries.

North Korea has taken extreme measures to seal itself from the outside world following the virus outbreak in neighboring China. It was one of the first countries to completely ban foreign tourists and cut cross-border air and train routes last month.

Over the past few weeks, North Korea’s propaganda machine has been trumpeting the Kim regime’s battle against the virus.

North Korea has not reported a single case of coronavirus infection, although nearly 333 virus cases have been confirmed in the Chinese provinces of Liaoning and Jilin that border the isolated nation.

Daily NK , a Seoul-based news service with informants in North Korea, reported Tuesday that a dozen coronavirus patients have been in quarantine at a hospital in Pyongyang, citing unnamed sources inside the country.

(By Min Joo Kim

February 17, (at 6: AM EST

WHO head now sees coron avirus as a ‘grave threat’ to the rest of the world

World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Tuesday called the coronavirus a “very grave threat” to the rest of the world.


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Suspected British ‘superspreader’ identified

LONDON – The British businessman who is believed to have been a “” superspreader ”of the coronavirus, passing it to at least (people in three countries, has been identified as Steve Walsh.

Walsh, who is said to be in his 62 s, Is believed to have caught the virus during a business trip to Singapore in late January. He works as a project management lead for Servomex, a gas analytics company.

From Singapore, Walsh spent a few days at a French ski resort before returning home to Hove, a seaside town on England’s south coast. He is currently being treated at St Thomas’ hospital in London.

In a statement sent to The Washington Post on behalf of his employer, Servomex, Walsh said : “I would like to thank the NHS for their help and care – whilst I have fully recovered, my thoughts are with others who have contracted coronavirus.”

He said that as soon as he discovered he had been exposed to a confirmed case he contacted health authorities. “I was advised to attend an isolated room at hospital, despite showing no symptoms, and subsequently self-isolated at home as instructed. When the diagnosis was confirmed I was sent to an isolation unit in hospital, where I remain, and, as a precaution, my family was also asked to isolate themselves, ”he said.

In a separate statement, Servomex said: “We are very pleased that Steve Walsh has made a full recovery. We continue to provide support to him and his family. ”

“ We are working with Public Health authorities to ensure the welfare of our staff and communities and wish anyone with the virus a quick and full recovery, ”the statement read.

By (Karla Adam )

February 20, (at 5:) AM EST

(By Simon Denyer

SEOUL – South Korea a dvised its citizens on Tuesday against travel to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and three other Asian countries as the number of coronavirus cases outside China continues to rise.

Vice Health Minister Kim Gang-lip rolled out the new advisory to “minimize” travel to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. The goal of new measure is to “prevent the inflow of the new coronavirus through a third country outside China,” according to Kim.

South Korea announced its 35 th confirmed case of the new coronavirus on Tuesday. Japan also added two to its tally on Tuesday to reach , after the virus was found in two men who had been evacuated from the virus-hit city of Wuhan.

Kim said the World Health Organization has confirmed the occurrence of community transmission in the six countries and regions. The WHO could not be immediately reached for comment.

Singapore has the highest number of coronavirus cases outside China with , followed by Thailand with 43. Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam have fewer than (cases.

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