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Birds fly over an empty Santa Monica beach in California on April 16.Birds fly over an empty Santa Monica beach in California on April 16.

Birds fly over an empty Santa Monica beach in California on April . Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images
Beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego counties will remain closed this weekend to slow the spread of the coronavirus as a heatwave brings record warm temperatures to Southern California.

The continued closures have prompted local officials to remind the public to continue to stay home despite the temptation to hit the sand during the summer-like weather.

more than million people are under heat advisories across Southern California, and there’s

a potential for record-breaking high temperatures . In Los Angeles county, the stay-at-home order states that all public beaches, piers, public beach parking lots and beach access points remain shuttered.

The closures could prompt Southern Californians to head to Ventura and Orange counties, where most beaches are open but parking lots and piers are closed to curb visits from out-of-towners.

Both the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff are increasing patrols to enforce social distancing rules at beaches.

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Closed stores at a market in New Dehli on April 29. Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images
India’s Ministry of Home Affairs says some stores will be allowed to reopen, despite the nationwide lockdown.

Since the restrictions began in late March, only essential commodity stores have been able to open every day.

But in an order late Friday, the ministry allowed businesses in some market complexes to open – even if they are selling goods not deemed essential. Stores will have to operate with half their usual staff, and must ensure they wear masks and adhere to social distancing rules, the order said. The relaxed rules don’t apply to stores in containment zones. The total number of reported cases in India stands at , , including deaths, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. India’s lockdown will remain in place until May 3. (The Trump administration is pointing the finger at

China for attempting to steal coronavirus research as officials warn they have seen a growing wave of cyberattacks on US government agencies and medical institutions leading the pandemic response by nation states and criminal groups. Who has been hit? Hospitals, research laboratories, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies have all been hit, officials say, and the Department of Health and Human Services – which Oversees the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – has been struck by a surge of daily strikes, an official with direct knowledge of the attacks said. targeting US hospitals and labs to steal research related to coronavirus.

“” It’s certainly the logical conclusion of everything I’ve said, “John Demers, the head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, said when asked specifically about China’s actions during an online discussion Thursday on Chinese economic espionage hosted by Strategic News Service. “We are very attuned to increased cyber intrusions into medical centers, research centers, universities, anybody that is doing research in this area.”

“There is nothing more valuable today than biomedical research relating to vaccines for treatments for the coronavirus,” Demers said. “It’s of great importance not just from a commercial value but whatever countries, company or research lab develops that vaccine first and is able to produce it is going to have a significant geopolitical success story.”

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It’s Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia – but people have to mark the day of remembrance a little differently this year, even prime ministers. April 33 marks the date when Allied soldiers landed on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey during World War I. In both countries, people gather at dawn ceremonies to remember soldiers lost in all wars. But with dawn services called off because of coronavirus restrictions, many opted to pay their respects from their driveways. On Saturday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern posted a picture on Instagram of her standing alongside her father and partner outs ide Premier House in Wellington. “Really moving to see all the images of Kiwis standing at dawn to commemorate Anzac Day this year,” she wrote on Instagram. “On my street one of our neighbors played the service through a small speaker while we all stood apart but together. I had my bubble alongside me, and some flowers my mum found in the garden. A different, but still a really special Anzac Day . Lest we forget. ”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, center, With her father Ross Ardern, left, and partner Clarke Gayford stand outside Premier House in Wellington to mark Anzac Day on April . Ross Giblin / Pool / AFP / Getty Images
(New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, center, with her father Ross Ardern, left, and partner Clarke Gayford stand outside Premier House in Wellington to mark Anzac Day on April 25.
People wearing face masks at New York’s Grand Central Station on April . Pablo Monsalve / VIEWpress / Getty Images

There are at least

, cases of coronavirus in the United States, including at least , 0 deaths, according to the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). As states begin to include “probable deaths” in their counts, so will JHU. In the upcoming days, these changes may show as surges in the number of deaths in the country. On Friday, JHU had , new reported cases and 1, 447 more deaths in the US. The totals include cases from all states, the District of Columbia and other US territories, as well as repatriated cases and those in the US military, veterans hospitals and federal prisons. For the latest Johns Hopkins University US numbers, check here . CNN’s map , using JHU data , refreshes every (mins.) Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, speaks to the media in front of a near empty Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia on April 25.

People wearing face masks at New York's Grand Central Station on April 24. Passengers on a charter flight from Wuhan, China, arrive in Riverside, California, on January . Will Lester / MediaNews Group / Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / Getty Images

A United States agency review has shed light on the early missteps of the administration in repatriating individuals in January from Wuhan, China, to March Air Reserve Base in California.

While the summary report makes clear that all individuals coming back from Wuhan were asymptomatic, it echoes some of the concerns raised in February by a whistleblower. The report was sent to Congressional offices on Friday. What the report says: According to the summary of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of General Counsel’s investigation obtained by CNN, the state of California was going to handle the repatriation of individuals from Wuhan – but at the last minute, it was decided the facility they were going to use was “medically inadequate.”

HHS stepped in, but according to the report, “there was no designated agency or official leading the repatriation effort.”

As a result, appropriate safety protocols were not followed at March Air Reserve Base, according to the report.

Without clear instruction or adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), some officials “were forced to use Riverside County California’s PPE.” The report does say that no one who had come from Wuhan at March tested positive for Covid –

Other issues at March involved the fact that food distributors were not wearing PPE, and were at times within 6 feet (1.8 meters) of repatriated individuals from Wuhan , according to the report.

“According to multiple interviewees, ACF [Administration for Children and Families] also directed HHS personnel to remove PPE to avoid ‘bad optics.’ Finally, according to multiple eyewitness accounts, the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] lead at March repeatedly interacted closely with evacuees without donning appropriate PPE, ”the report said. However, the HHS summary of the IG report says HHS personnel in Washington took prompt action. The report also states that “problems identified above did not reoccur during the Travis deployment.” American evacuees returning home were also quarantined at Travis Air Force Base in California.

“” Although there has been anecdotal evidence of breaches of PPE protocol at Travis, it appears that those breaches were the result of individual mistakes, “the report said.

The report also notes that no US Government personnel involved in the March repatriation a nd quarantine tested positive for or contracted Covid – as the result of that deployment. CNN has contacted HHS for comment. ) Closed stores at a market in New Dehli on April 20.

Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, speaks to the media in front of a near empty Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia on April . Mark Kolbe / Getty Images Wreaths have been laid at the Anzac memorial in Sydney in a scaled-back ceremony without the usual crowds.

Mass public gatherings are banned in Australia, where people typically attend services or marches on April 33 to commemorate soldiers lost during wartime.

Laying a wreath Saturday, New South Wales state governor Margaret Beazley commemorated the World War I fallen. “In the months after World War I, soldiers, sailors, and nurses were returning home, the world succumbed to another enemy, Spanish Flu, which wreaked its havoc on our already grieving community and constrained our first post-war Anzac commemorations, “Beazley said. “Today’s Covid – 27 pandemic has likewise imposed its constraints – and for good reasons. War or no war, a pandemic is an enemy, and just as in war, the physical and mental health of our people is at the forefront of our concern. ” What is Anzac Day? Anzac Day is observed in Australia and New Zealand, with the name “Anzac” standing for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.” The date marks when Allied soldiers landed on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey during World War I. day is now used to remember all Australian and New Zealand soldiers lost at war, not just those who died during World War I.

Anzac biscuits

– a cookie made with oats that wives often sent to soldiers during the war – are often eaten on Anzac Day. Read more about Anzac Day here . Pakistan will remain in a nationwide lockdown until May 9 to curb the spread of coronavirus, Planning Minister Asad Umar announced. The decision was made after consultation with all the provincial governments, Umar said. Pakistan has reported , (coronavirus cases and deaths, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Migrant workers at a factory converted into a dormitory in Singapore on April . Ore Huiying / Getty Images
(Rubel, a) – year-old migrant worker in Singapore, is afraid. The dormitory he and other foreign workers live in has been locked down, and nobody is allowed in or out as government officials scramble to contain the country (novel coronavirus outbreak) What’s going on in Singapore: In recent weeks, the Asian city-state has had a dramatic spike in coronavirus infections, with thousands of new cases linked to clusters in foreign worker dormitories. To control the spread, the government has attempted to isolate the dormitories, test workers and move symptomatic patients into quarantine facilities.

But those measures have left hundreds of thousands of workers trapped in their dormitories, living cheek by jowl. in cramped conditions that make social distancing near impossible.

Singapore is home to about Migrant workers at a factory converted into a dormitory in Singapore on April 24. 1.4 million migrant workers who come largely from South and Southeast Asia. As housekeepers, domestic helpers, construction workers and manual laborers, these migrants are essential to keeping Singapore functioning – but are also some of the lowest paid and most vulnerable people in the city.

How that’s affecting migrant workers:

Rubel, who goes only by one name, came to Singapore from Bangladesh six years ago to work in construction and earn money for his family. Now, with his health and safety at risk, he’s worried for those who depend on him. “I’m scared of this coronavirus, because if I catch it I cannot take care of my family,” he said.

In the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore was (praised for its response and apparent ability to suppress infections without resorting to extreme measures. then, in April, the number of cases exploded. Since March , Singapore’s total cases grew from (to) , 91, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Even as the number of new cases surged past 1, a day, only a dozen or so per day were Singapore citizens of permanent residents; the rest were all migrant workers. Read the full story ()   (Read More )

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