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COVID-19: Global coronavirus deaths top 3,000 – Sky News,


The number of people around the world who have died from coronavirus reached more than 3, on Sunday night.

As the number of deaths reached 3.0 058, the number of people infected with COVID – reached 115, (globally in) countries.

Mainland China reported new coronavirus deaths on 1 March, an increase from (the previous day.

The spread of the virus has rocked global markets, with more than $ 5tn ((£ 3.9tn) wiped from global stock values ​​last week.

However there were some signs of recovery early on Monday after Japan’s central bank pledged to step in to “ensure stability” – helping Tokyo’s Nikkei index and China’s Shanghai composite post gains.


       Image:          A man sits in a Paris cafe wearing a face mask as indoor gatherings of more than 5, were banned       

Global coronavirus developments:

Some British tourists who have been in quarantine at a hotel in Tenerife, Spain, arrived back in the UK on Sunday

  • British passengers trapped on the Braemar cruise ship at sea after being denied entry to the Dominican Republic docked in the Caribbean island of St Maarten on Sunday and will be flown back to the UK
  • The Dominican Republic reported its first case, an Italian man, and the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe reported three cases (In Italy,) People have now died from COVID – , including five on Sunday, with 1, confirmed cases

  • France’s Louvre Museum in Paris is shut after staff voted to close it down
  • Australia says it can no longer completely prevent infected people from entering the country because of outbreaks in Japan and South Korea first two races of the MotoGP season in Qatar and Thailand have been cancelled due to travel restrictions

      South Korea deaths rise

      In South Korea, the largest outbreak outside mainland China, the number of deaths rose to , up from , while there were more cases on Sunday compared to the day before, bringing the total to 4, 255.

      Of Sunday’s new cases, 392 were from the southeastern city of Daegu, home to a branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus where most of the country cases have been traced.


             Image:          Ambulances wait to transport infected patients from Daegu, South Korea         


             Image:          A man sits in a Paris cafe wearing a face mask as indoor gatherings of more than 5, were banned       

      Some members of the controversial church, whose followers believe their founder will take them to heaven, visited the central Chinese city of Wuhan – where the virus originated – late last year.

      The government has asked prosecutors to consider a murder investigation into the church’s founder and chairman Lee Man-hee, saying the church was liable for its refusal to co-operate with efforts to stop the disease.

      Issuing a statement late on Sunday, the church reiterated calls for an end to “stigmatisation, hatred and slander” against its followers.

      Indonesia’s first cases

      Indonesia reported its first confirmed cases in the country on Monday.

      President Joko Widodo said two Indonesians had tested positive and were in hospital, but did not say where.

      His government has come under fire for the lack of reported cases in the world’s fourth most populous country which is also close to China.

      Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto said last week it was a “blessing from the Almighty” as he defended the country’s screening process.


             Image:          The Dominican Republic registered its first coronavirus case on 1 March


      US deaths

      Over in the United States, a man in his s died on Saturday in Washington state, the second person in the US to have died from COVID – after a man in his 065 s died in the state last week.

      Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington said they had evidence the virus may have been circulating in Washington state for up to six weeks undetected .

      This could mean there are hundreds of undiagnosed cases in the area.

      The Dominican Republic registered its first coronavirus case on 1 March     

              The Dominican Republic registered its first coronavirus case on 1 March               



    • )                                                                                                  President Trump has spoken about the measures the US is taking to contain the spread of coronavirus

      US vice president Mike Pence and health and human services secretary Alex Azar tried to reassure the American public that the federal government is working to make sure state and local authorities are able to test for the virus.

      Thousands more testing kits had been distributed, with thousands more to come, they said during a round of Sunday TV talk show appearances.

      Virus Outbreak: Global Emergency – Watch a special Sky News program on coronavirus at 6pm weekdays


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