COVID-19: Health authorities in the UAE issue safety guidelines for those still going to work

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Dubai: Health authorities have taken to Instagram to discuss key topics and concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. They recently tackled the topic of sanitising one’s workplace, for those still going to work in the UAE.

Do you know the best way to keep your workstation clean and germ free?

The Dubai Health Authority on Instagram (@dha_dubai) posted a directive to ensure that people, who are working during this period, are in a healthy environment.

Clean workplace setting

According to the post, people must ensure that their workplace or area has an “effective and sustainable ventilation system”. Living conditions play a big role in spreading diseases. Since coronavirus can spread through droplet infection, having a good air circulation system is imperative.

Keeping this in mind, “Office spaces should be cleaned at least twice a day, using appropriate disinfectants”. Safety protocol and procedure needs to be followed.

In addition to this, “Strict disinfection and steralisation procedures are applied especially in toilets, washrooms and common use facilities.”

Keep distance

Another directive given by health authority is to keep a distance of “two metres from other individuals”. Since coronavirus can be spread with a touch or a sneeze, maintaining a good distance from people stops the spread of the virus.

The health authority emphasised on the need for “strict disinfection and sterilisation procedures in elevators”. They added that maintaining physical distance between people in elevators is also necessary.

On social media, people have used #washyourhands to highlight the importance of keeping hands clean. Since coronavirus can stick to surfaces it is essential for people to disinfect their hands and wear gloves when touching things.

The Dubai Health Authority said that “offices should provide hand sanitisers especially in common areas” and employees should wash their hands regularly, to rid themselves of germs.

Additionally, employees and customers must cover their mouth while sneezing and coughing and practice proper etiquette. It is mandatory for residents in the UAE to wear a mask when outside.

In the directive they also say that if a employee suffers from “symptoms of respiratory disease” they should not report to work. People who display symptoms must get themselves checked as per procedure.

Department of Health – Abu Dhabi also issues Instagram guideline

The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi also came out with a list of guidelines for people who still have to go work, and shared it on their Instagram handle @dohsocial.

The health authority says that objects like desk telephones, keyboards, and surfaces need to be disinfected regularly to avoid spreading germs.

They also emphasise the need to keep one’s hands clean and wash or sanitise them regularly.

In addition to the directive of maintaining distance from people, the DOH says that “shaking hands or close contact” needs to be avoided. 

The post was shared in different languages and listed out important precautionary measures to follow while at the workplace.

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