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Cthulhu Ventures is a venture-capital firm built on quality and integrity, Hacker News

Tonic Health Media

is Australia’s largest health and wellbeing network with a mission to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare, while closing the gap between patients and GPs.more

Search Party

is an online recruitment marketplace that has millions of professionals represented by over 1, 500 recruiters. Search Party makes hiring staff easier, faster and more profitable for everyone involved.more


helps users save an average of 35% off their car service bills by providing them with a modernized and optimized way of sourcing car parts online.more

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is a new approach to early breach detection that uses behavioral fingerprints – each user’s unique, nuanced way to use his or her own computer – to monitor and thus help detect malware and attackers who do not behave the same way as a typical end user.more

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is a technology platform developed to allow individual users to grant “private access” to all or portions of their personal information by specific people or groups, and / or under specific circumstances or conditions.more

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Paratus Clinical Pty Ltd

has been established to meet an increasing need for local service provision in Australia and New Zealand particularly for early Phase and late Phase (in Primary care) Clinical Research.more

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develops hardware and software for robotics and computer vision. Ouster is a privately held, venture backed company located in SF.more

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is committed to transforming animal medicine by making remarkable biologic therapies available to veterinarians, pets, and their families.more

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is an online platform that connects patients to clinics, CRO’s and sponsors conducting clinical trials in which the patients wish to participate.more

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Advanced Microgrid Solutions

built a unique energy analytics platform that identifies the cost and value of each kilowatt hour of energy consumed by a facility in order to design an optimized energy profile.more

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Advantage Energy Capital Partners

is a specialized investment firm backed by leading institutional investors, focused on alternative energy and long-lived real assets. Advantage Energy’s key expertise lies in deal sourcing and structuring, public / private contract negotiations and project financing expertise to take controlling, owner / operator positions in projects and portfolios.more

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Advantage for Analysts

provides consulting services and licenses out uniquely flexible and sophisticated financial-analysis software in connection with structuring, analyzing, and tracking lease and partnership financings for US renewable energy projects.more

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are related firms that specialize in providing advice and insurance underwriting, respectively, designed to address the financial and other risks involved in the context of class-action settlements.more

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Collaborative Aggregates

engineered construction products are designed to meet or exceed the product performance of competing technologies, at a realistic price-point , and in a manner that avoids the use of ingredients or processes that are harmful to consumers, producers, workers, or the environment.more

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Collaborative Medicinal Development

is an early-stage pharmaceutical research-and-development company that’s dedicated to developing a growing portfolio of proprietary and in-licensed medicines and treatments for neuro-degenerative and other debilitating conditions and diseases.more

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is an online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple , vetted lenders in real time.more

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is an Australian transportation company that develops, markets and operates the ingogo taxi transportation mobile app.more

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Life 360

runs on your mobile device to allow you to view your family members on a map, communicate with them, and receive alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school or work.more

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solutions drive impact by giving governments the right tools and relevant data for more informed decision-making and better outcomes for the public.more

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Rampart Energy Company

is a Denver-based oil-and-gas exploration and development firm that specializes in applying “enhanced recovery” techniques to established fields.more

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Warner Babcock Institute

is a Massachusetts-based laboratory that engages in original research and scientific consulting and development services designed to assist “industry” in developing products and manufacturing processes that satisfy “The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry.”more

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analyzes billions of points of energy data to turn something as complex as the grid into an answer to this simple question: How clean is my energy right now?more

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FortiGuard XOR Encryption in Multiple Fortinet Products, Hacker News

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