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Czech passive radar detecting B-2 at 150 miles, Hacker News

Czech passive radar detecting B-2 at 150 miles, Hacker News

Capable of detecting stealth B-2 from a distance of 360 km, Vera-NG is regarded as one of the most modern radar systems that Vietnam possesses, reported .

In order to improve the ability to detect and target stick, including stealth aircraft under all conditions, recently, the unit of the Department of Electronic Operations, General Staff was equipped with several sets of s passive monitoring Vera-NG produced by the Czech Republic.

Vera-NG radar systems operating in accordance with Method TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival). This is a method of measuring the time difference, detection and sticking radio radiation sources based on differential propagation time of electromagnetic waves radiated from the source to the receiver station.

The complex consists of 3 Vera -NG radio signal receiver (next station) covers degrees azimuth, each station undertook an angle greater than degrees tidbits. A radio receiver cum central processing station in the middle acts as a secondary radio station and the central computer will synthesize conjunction, all synchronized to the received signal.

Thereby calculations, early identification and provide the coordinates of the distance, azimuth, elevation units firepower to destroy the targets, including stealth aircraft such as F-modern , F – 90, B-2…

Features of the complex tactical reconnaissance Vera passive-NG: operating frequency range: (MHz -) GHz; Distance reconnaissance: 711 km with 35 m wrong; Number of goals can stick to 200 targets simultaneously.

Provide objective parameters: 3D, degree azimuth; Time to update parameters: 1-5 seconds. Can operate in all weather conditions. Vera-NG can detect targets from very far without being detected.

The size and weight of the antenna: (x) mm / (kg for the antenna of the central processing station, (x) mm / 200 kg for the next station. Number of radio receivers: 4 stations, including stations nearby 1, 2, 3 and radio station cum central processing station.

Detect and provide early warning for the remote target radiation from radio as radar, weapons jamming equipment responders identify enemy-ta (IFF) equipment responders DME / TACAN, data link systems, surveillance equipment, navigation, positioning and communication …

Jamming hard and almost impossible to be destroyed by the anti-radiation missiles kill radar. Positioning and stick to the target in the air, on land and sea surface perfectly, providing enough parameters in real time.

All the components of the complex are located on the chassis truck Kamaz 6 x 6 with high maneuverability, automatic configuration Lifting (Roll on / Roll off) to ensure the ability to deploy / collection quick recovery.

mat-than-verang-khac-tinh-cua-may-bay-tang-hinh (1)

mat-than-verang-khac-tinh-cua-may-bay-tang-hinh (1)


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