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DeFacto is a game about building a large automated factory chain.

You must install miners to collect raw resources, transform them in furnaces, and combine them in factories. The final goal is to send rockets full of robots and by doing so continue to explore the galaxy. DeFacto is heavily inspired by the game Factorio. You can also play and support the game on:


The game can be played either with the mouse or keyboard


C: Use selected tool / Interact with factories V: Open tool selection panel / quit menu enter: Open main menu (save, load, toggle music …)


Left clic: Interact / Use selected tool Right clic: Open tool selection panel / quit menu

To save your game, press enter and select save (button C)

To construct conveyor, inserter or bridge:

) you have to keep pressing C / left clic and then enter the direction (arrow key or mouse motion) where the conveyor / inserter / bridge will put it’s products ) if you only press c / left clic without entering direction, it will place the conveyor, inserter or bridge along the last used orientation

Bridges can also be used to take and insert product, and are faster than inserters.

Starting tips:

    start by opening the tool panel (V / Right clic) and choosing the miner tool

  • place the miner onto a raw resource field (C / Left clic), the miner will start filling open the tool panel and select the inserter tool place the inserter against the miner by pressing and holding C / left clic and then entering the direction where you want to put the products
      open the tool panel and select the selling station the place the selling station at the end of the inserter

    • if the inserter is oriented correctly, it will start moving resources collect by the miner to the selling station and you will start gaining money

        Once you have a bit more money, start putting raw resources into furnaces, the resulting products will sell at higher prices

          the next step is to use factories, choose the recipe (C / Left clic on the factory) and insert the required input products to make more advanced ones

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