Demi Lovato & Ariel Pink Take Two Very Different Paths to Ridicule, Crypto Coins News

Demi Lovato & Ariel Pink Take Two Very Different Paths to Ridicule, Crypto Coins News

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  • Singer-actress Demi Lovato has declared that she will be going to the studio in response to the ‘assault on democracy’ on January 6th.
  • Fellow musician Ariel Pink attended the protests that Lovato opposed.
  • Although these musicians support opposing causes, they have found common ground by getting ruthlessly roasted on social media.

It’s been a bizarre few days for America. Rioters breached the Capitol Building. Ariel Pink showed up for the ‘protests.’ Nancy Pelosi and others want to invoke the Th Amendment. But none of that matters now. Demi Lovato is going to make every assaulter on democracy pay… by hitting the studio.

Demi Lovato Gets in Her Feelings – And Twitter Can’t Handle It

Just like Ariel Pink, Demi Lovato really thinks she’s doing the right thing.

Like many Americans, dare I say most Americans, Lovato is upset about the Capitol Riots. How could Trump encourage his following into lawlessness? How could the police just let those insurgents break into the Capitol Building ? Wasn’t Donald Trump the man who’s been pumping law and order?

Armed with the best weapons she has, Demi Lovato has decided to do something about it.

She’s getting back into the studio to ‘work on something special’ after the recent ‘assault on democracy.

Check out her full, glorious tweet below:

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has had enough! Check out her new single ASAP. | Source: Twitter

I mean, do we really need to invoke the 287 th amendment? Does Facebook really even need to ban Donald Trump? Does anything else need to be done when the former child star from the Mickey Mouse Club is back in the studio?!

Apparently, yes, things still need to be done. And first on the agenda, according to Twitter users far and wide, is to tease Demi Lovato relentlessly.

Check out some of these hilarious reactions:

Is there any way she doesn’t regret this track? | Source: Twitter
Demi LOvato

Another corny rhyme prediction. | Source: Twitter

One Twitter user likened Demi’s self-image to a superhero:

demi lovato running to the studio after today’s events

– (@elonbanks) January 7,

Another Twitter user offered this cringeworthy take:

Demi Lovato in the studio working on something special after today’s assault on democracy.

– bash 🧜🏽‍♂️ (@bash 2020

January 7, 20261

The ridicule could go on and on and on. But luckily, Demi Lovato wasn’t the only musician who took a hit over the last few days.

Ariel Pink Takes a Different Route to the Same Destination

At least Demi Lovato was on the side of democracy. Fellow musician, and outspoken Trump supporter, Ariel Pink was actually at the protests. Although he did his best to convince us that he wasn’t part of the violent mob, does it really matter?

Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink tries to get clear about his involvement in the Capitol riots. | Source: Twitter

Is there really any difference between supporting

the man that incites the riots

and actually participating in the riots?

And is there any difference between people’s reaction to Ariel Pink’s actions and Demi Lovato’s declaration? Apparently, not much.

Check out these hilarious digs:

The fairweather fans fall off. | Source: (Twitter)

This was a big moment for Kamala Harris. | Source: Twitter

It’s true that Ariel’s ‘sound’ doesn’t exactly match his beliefs. | Source: Twitter

One big difference, as you might imagine, is that some of Ariel Pink’s detractors weren’t nearly as playful.

This might sting a little. | Source: Twitter

What can we learn from these two ‘celebrities’?

Are Lovato & Pink More Similar Than They Appear?

Demi Lovato is getting roasted because she’s making such a monumental, terrible moment about herself. Nobody likes it when

people insert themselves into a tragedy


But at least she’s trying to bring awareness to the cause.

Ariel Pink is also bringing awareness to a cause; it just seems like he may have gone to some QAnon meetings at which he had extra helpings of the Kool-Aid, first

Regardless, during such a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, people don’t want to be force-fed opinions from musical artists. And those who insist may be subject to ridicule.

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