Democratic debate highlights: Candidates discuss rights and U.S. role in the world – The Washington Post, The Washington Post

Democratic debate highlights: Candidates discuss rights and U.S. role in the world – The Washington Post, The Washington Post

November 20, (at) ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 28 PM EST

Buttigieg faces late attacks

After surviving much of the debate, Buttigieg faced some heat in the final (minutes.)

Klobuchar said he talks a big game but lacks federal experience. “Washington experience is not the only experience that matters,” Buttigieg shot back.

Buttigieg also faced an attack from Gabbard, who claimed he wanted to send troops to fights cartels in Mexico. Both Buttigieg and Gabbard have served in the military.

“That is outlandish,” said Buttigieg, accusing her of taking him out of context. He then attacked Gabbard for her comments on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, prompting gasps from the crowd.

BySean Sullivan

Bo oker makes plea for next debate

Then, he abandoned his prepared remarks in favor of impromptu words inspired by someone in the audience – Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). He told the story of the lawyer who helped his family find a home when his parents were subject to racial discrimination. Booker said he asked that lawyer why he decided to help families like his stand up to discrimination. That lawyer told him he was inspired by Lewis’s role in the march across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Ala., A seminal moment in the Civil Rights movement.

“We need a leader that can inspire us to get up and fight again, ”Booker said. “If you give me a chance to lead, I will cause what John Lewis says is good trouble. I will challenge us. I will ask more from you than any other president has ever asked before, because we need to mobilize a new American movement. Keep me on this stage. Keep me on this race. It is time we fight and fight together. ”

ByChelsea Janes

November 20, (at) : 55 PM EST

Harris and Buttigieg get personal on race and sexuality

A potentially tense moment erupted late in the debate, when Harris was given a chance to talk about a criticism she leveled at Buttigieg earlier this week. Harristook the Buttigieg campaign to taskfor using a stock photo of a mother and child in Kenya to promote a plan for African Americans.

Harris declined to do so, saying Buttigieg had apologized.

She then challenged her party to work harder to address racial inequities, do more outreach to black women and “rebuild the Obama coalition. ”Harris would be the country first black female president.

The exchange also turned personal when Buttigieg, who is gay, referred to his sexuality in the context of discrimination. “While I do not have the experience of ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin, I do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country,” said Buttigieg.

BySean Sullivan

(November) , 2019 at 10: 30 PM EST

Yang imagines call with Putin

Yang scored one of the ni ght’s biggest laugh lines when he asked, if elected, what he would say in his first call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Well first, I’d say, ‘ I’m sorry I beat your guy, ”Yang said to chuckles and cheers.

“ Or, not sorry, ”he added, before pivoting to the issue of Russian interference in US

“Second, I would say the days of meddling in American elections are over,” he continued. “And we will take any undermining of our democratic processes as an act of hostility and aggression.”

He also said he’d recommit to American alliances and partnerships, including NATO . Leading a coalition of countries, he argued, is the most effective way to combat international bad actors. He also criticized China for its treatment of the Uighurs and response to the Hong Kong demonstrations.

ByReis Thebault

Candidates take turns bashing Trump on foreign policy

Harris and Biden both used questions about foreign policy to assail Trump for his behavior on the world stage.

Harris put it bluntly. “Donald Trump got punked,” the senator from California said, with respect to nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

Biden put it this way: “This guy has no idea what he’s doing. ”

But neither candidate clearly addressed the question they were asked. Harris did not explain how she would weigh concessions in the interest of conducting bilateral summits. And Biden did not say what he would do differently from former president Barack Obama to move past the decades-long stalemate with North Korea and make progress toward denuclearization.

(By) Isaac Stanley-Becker

November 20, (at) : 15 PM EST

Steyer says he cares the most about climate change

When asked about climate change, Steyer – who has spent millions of his own dollars on environmental causes – accused the top-polling candidates of not prioritizing the issue.

“I’m the only person on this stage that will say climate is the number one priority for me. Vice President Biden won’t say it. Senator Warren won’t say it, ”Steyer said. “It’s a state of emergency. And I would declare a state of emergency on day one. I would use the emergency powers of the presidency. I know that we have to do this. ”

Biden responded by bringing up Steyer’s history with fossil fuel companies. His venture-capital fund invested in them before Steyer divested and began his environmental activism.

“I don’t really need a lecture from my friend. While I was passing the first climate change bill… my friend was producing more coal mines and produced more coal around the world, according to the press, than all of Great Britain produces, ”Biden said.

ByChelsea Janes

November 20, (at) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 01 PM EST

Candidates talk about ‘lock him up’ chant

Sanders was asked about the “lock him up” chants directed at Trump at a World Series game last month. Those chants mimic the “lock her up” chants Republican voters levied at 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign.

Some prominent Democrats have argued that members of their party should not emulate the practices of their opponents. Sanders did not disavow the chants, which have emerged from crowds at his events in recent weeks. Instead, he expressed empathy for their sentiments.

“What the American people are saying is nobody is above the law,” Sanders said. “And I think what the American people are also saying is, in fact, if this president did break the law, he should be prosecuted like any other individual who breaks the law. But at the end of the day, what we need to do is to bring our people together, not just in opposition to Trump. ”

Biden wasn’t asked about those chants directly. But when asked about whether he would support a criminal investigation into Trump after he leaves the White House, Biden said he would let his Justice Department make that decision.

“I would not direct my Justice Department like this president does. I’d let them make their independent judgment, ”Biden said.

Then he pivoted to the chants. “I don’t think it’s a good idea that we mock that, that we that we model ourselves after Trump and say,‘ lock him up. ’” Biden said. “It’s about civility. We have to restore the soul of this country. That’s not who we are. That’s not who we have been. That’s not who we should be. ”

(ByChelsea Janes

November 20, 2019 at 9: (PM EST)

Yang gets personal on child care and family leave

Yang got personal in an answer about child care and paid family leave, saying that he has two young children, one of whom is autistic and has special needs.

“We need to start supporting our kids and families from the beginnin g, ”he said, promising that paid family leave would be one of the first issues he tackles as president.

There are only two countries in the world don’t provide paid leave for new mothers, he said: the United States and Papua New Guinea.

“That is the entire list,” he said. “And we need to get off this list as soon as possible.”

He also said Americans simply need more resources on hand, pivoting to his signature “freedom dividend,” his proposal for a universal basic income of $ 1, 00 0 per month. That would give parents the opportunity to pay for child care, he said, or to make the decision to “stay home with the child.”

“It’s breaking families’ backs , ”The entrepreneur-turned-presidential aspirant said of the costs of child care.

ByIsaac Stanley -Becker

Calls for unity on a day of rancor

On a day when the country sharp divides were on clear display in the impeachment proceedings that continued on Capitol Hill, two of the candidates sought to strike unifying notes.

“The next president, whoever they are, is going to have be someone who can heal and bring this nation together, ”said Booker.

“ We have to unify this country, ”Biden said, adding that he was was best positioned to accomplish that.

In normal times, such remarks would not be controversial. But those messages have run into some resistance in the Trump era from Democrats who don’t buy the notion that Republicans would cooperate with the next president if Trump loses.

On the other hand, Biden has held a lead in many public polls by adhering to his message and wagering that voters will want to turn the page on the fierce combat of the past four years rather than waging new battles in their wake.

(BySean Sullivan

November 20, (at 9: (PM EST


Fact Checker on Buttigieg’s claim on Trump and veterans

“The president had to confess in writing, in court, to illegally diverting charitable contributions that were supposed to go to veterans.”– Pete Buttigieg

This is false.

In acivil complaintfiled in June 2018, then-Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood of New York charged that the now-defunct Donald J. Trump Foundation had violated a federal law known as the Johnson Amendment, which bars charities from supporting candidates for office.

Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign “extensively directed and coordinated the Foundation’s activities in connection with a nationally televised charity fundraiser for the Foundation in Des Moines, Iowa on January 28, 2016, ”Underwood charged.

The fundraiser was billed as an effort to“ raise funds for veterans’ organizations, ”but the Trump campaign commandeered nearly $ 2.8 million in donations and “dictated the manner in which the Foundation would disburse those proceeds, directing the timing, amounts and recipients of the grants.”

The president settled the lawsuit, but did not admit liability. A New York state judge on Nov. 7 noted in a court order that “the Funds did ultimately reach their intended destinations, ie, charitable organizations supporting veterans.”

As reported, “donations totaling $ 2 . 825 million were given to 34 veterans organizations between January 2016 and June 2016. ”Here’s a list of the 34 organizations, w hich includes Amvets and the Green Beret Foundation.

BySal Rizzo

November 20, 2019 at 9: 37 PM EST

Booker, Warren argue over wealth tax

The evening’s fir st major policy rift opened between Warren and Booker, who sparred over Warren’s “wealth tax,” which would tax the country’s wealthiest people.

“Doing a wealth tax is not about punishing anyone, ”Warren said. “It’s about saying,‘ You built something great in this country? Good for you ‘… All of us helped pay for it. ”

Booker pushed back, saying he agreed that the tax code needs reform, but added,“ I don’ t agree with the wealth tax the way Elizabeth Warren puts it. ”Booker argued that that Democrats should spend more time discussing how to“ give people opportunities to create wealth, to grow businesses. ”

“That’s what our party has to be about as well,” Booker said.

But Warren argued that her tax plan would do that by allowing the government to invest new revenue in universal child care and the cancellation of student loan debt. “We can invest in an entire generation,” she said.

ByReis Thebault

November 20, 2019 at 9: 29 PM EST

Fact Checker on Warren’s wealth tax

“I have proposed a 2 cent wealth tax. That is a tax for everybody who has more than $ 50 billion dollars in assets. Your first $ 50 billion is free and clear, but your 50 billionth and first dollar you gotta pitch in two cents. And when you hit a billion dollars, you gotta pitch in a few pennies more. ”– Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)

Warren’s “Ultra-Millionaire Tax”would apply to households with a net worth of $ 50 million or more, essentially the wealthiest 75, 00 0 households. (She misspoke when she said $ 50 billion. ) They would be charged 2 percent of every dollar of net worth above $ 50 million, unless they’re billionaires.

Households with $ 1 billion or more in assets would start paying 3 percent on assets above $ 1 billion. At least that was in Warren’s first iteration of her tax plans. She said this tax would raise $ 2. 75 trillion over 10 years. But to help fund her plan for universal health care, she recently announced that she would also charge another 3 percent to billionaires, for a total of 6 percent. So that’s six pennies.

“By asking billionaires to pitch in 6 cents on each dollar of net worth above $ 1 billion, we can raise an additional $ 1 trillion in revenue,”Warren saidin explaining how she would fill the $ 20 .5 trillion hole created by her Medicare-for-all proposal. While 6 percent a year may not seem like much, it would add up to more than 50 percent over 10 years for billionaires.

ByGlenn Kessler

(************ (By (Jeff Stein)

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