Democratic Primaries: What to Watch for in Michigan, Washington and Other States – The New York Times,

Democratic Primaries: What to Watch for in Michigan, Washington and Other States – The New York Times,

Right Now

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have both canceled rallies that were scheduled for tonight in Cleveland.

  • Michigan awards the most delegates , followed by Washington State, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota. The first results are expected at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

  • Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has become the race’s delegate leader after a dominant showing on Super Tuesday last week, with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont trailing him but still within striking distance.

  • There will also be Republican primary races in five of these states, which President Trump is expected to carry with ease.


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    Early exit polls show Biden’s supporters are as enthusiastic as Sanders’s

    One of Mr. Sanders’s big arguments for his campaign has been that his supporters are uniquely enthusiastic about his candidacy. But preliminary exit polls contain some evidence that Mr. Biden’s supporters are equally or even more more enthusiastic.

    In preliminary exit polls from Washington, the same percentage of Democratic voters – 71 percent – said they would be “enthusiastic” if Mr. Biden won the nomination as if Mr. Sanders won. Polls from Missouri found that significantly more people would be enthusiastic if Mr. Biden won: (percent, compared with 45 percent for Mr. Sanders.

    Conversely, about twice as many people said they would be “upset” if Mr. Sanders won ( percent in each state than said the same about Mr. Biden (8 percent in Missouri and 9 percent in Washington).

    Exit polls in Mississippi did not ask the enthusiasm question, and the polls in Michigan are unreliable because they did not include absentee voters.

    The preliminary polls in Washington, Missouri and Mississippi also found that a majority of voters were more concerned with nominating a candidate who they believed could beat President Trump than one who agreed with them on major issues. (Biden and Sanders cancel Cleveland rallies