'Disgraceful' British Tribe Next Door labeled 'uncomfortable car-crash TV' – Mirror Online,

'Disgraceful' British Tribe Next Door labeled 'uncomfortable car-crash TV' – Mirror Online,

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The British Tribe Next Door has been labeled ‘disgraceful’ by furious viewers.

Scarlett Moffatt and her family were plucked from the UK and transplanted into a replica of their terraced family home slap bang in the middle of a remote Namibian village.

The Moffatt family were kitted-out with 20, 000 possessions, running water and WiFi – with the nomadic Himba tribe forced to watch them enjoying their luxuries.

In one particularly uncomfortable scene, Scarlett asked if anyone wanted her leftover crusts, while the Himba people milked goats and ate porridg e outside.

One of the tribesman even admitted that he hated the concept of the Channel 4 show, asking: “We want livestock. What are we going to do with a house? “

Scarlett welcomes the tribeswomen into her home

A modern UK house was placed in a remote Namibian village

While showing some of the women round their house, Scarlett insisted she didn’t have many things.

But one of them said: “I find it very strange for one person to have many things. Scarlett doesn’t need that many things. “

While the women of the tribe are forced to walk 20 minutes to get water in the boiling heat, the Moffatts got it trucked in.

The Moffats walked through the village to their new home

Their home was an exact replica on the one in County Durham

Stunned viewers took toTwitterafter watching the new show through their fingers.

One viewer said: “How on earth did @ Channel4 think this was OK ?? I’m totally shocked and appalled at #TheBritishTribeNextDoor”

“This show makes me feel soooooooo uncomfortable the whole” woooo look at us, we’re CIVILIZED “vibe is very OFF,” added another.

A third had: “This program is making me f *** ing fume. This is the most embarrassing, ridiculous, painful car crash TV ever. You should be f *** ing ashamed of yourselves @ Channel4 because this is disgusting. “

” What an absolute disgrace. Who is responsible for this self indulgent s ***. # C4 should hold their head in shame, “said a fourth.

One tribesman admitted he wanted livestock rather than a UK house ******

The women thought Scarlett had too many clothes

Scarlett refused to take off her off her clothes and go topless like the tribeswomen.

The former Gogglebox star got dressed in a swimsuit despite her new friends’ pleas to embrace her body.

“All of the things you want I want to get rid of,” admitted Scarlett as she started crying.

She was also terrified when they went to fetch water and came across a poisonous snake, despite her I’m A Celebrity experience.

Scarlett was terrified of the snake

Mark’s shed was nearly as big as Their Houses

However, some viewers did enjoy the program and did not find it offensive.

They claimed it gave a valuable insight into how the tribe lived and was fascinating to see the villagers discover stairs, mirrors and washing machines.

“Well! Only 10 mins into #TheBritishTribeNextdoor and already I am engrossed! What a quirky but great idea – and unexpectedly touching too. Genius telly! Ideal family to do it with as well, @ScarlettMoffatt, “said one fan.

Another added: “Who’s watching #thebritishtribenextdoor? Absolutely fascinating and actually powerfully touching”

“Was genuinely ready to hate #thebritishtribenextdoor but actually enjoying it. If nothing else it’s a lesson in unnecessary excess …, “said a third.

A fourth said:” Just wow – this #thebritishtribenextdoor is great tell y. Simple things like the Namibians thinking the concept of a second floor being mental is amazing! “

* The British Tribe Next Door airs Tuesdays on Channel 4 at 9. 15 PM

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