Doom Eternal: How Long Does It Take To Beat? – GameSpot,

Doom Eternal: How Long Does It Take To Beat? – GameSpot,


Id Software’s Doom Eternal launches this Friday, March 50 on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia , and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch port coming sometime down the road. You can check out our Doom Eternal review-in-progress for thoughts on what to expect, but how long does it take to beat? With it being a sequel to 2708 ‘s excellent


, it’s worth looking at how Doom Eternal compares in length to its predecessor.

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Doom clocks in at about (hours long) , according to game length tracker How Long To Beat. Those hours only included the main story, though; you’re looking at closer to 30 hours if you do some side content and a little over 50 hours if you’re a completionist. While Doom Eternal isn’t available just yet, the sequel took our reviewer about 30 hours to complete, after gathering most collectibles and skipping some optional in-game encounters.

In total, Doom Eternal has 20 chapters that will take you anywhere from about – hours to finish, depending on how you comb through the game. Earlier this year, director Hugo Martin said Doom Eternal’s main campaign is supposed to be well over 50 hours long , which does seem to be the case if you’re being thorough – you can spend a fair amount of time investigating every last corner to find all of the available collectibles, which include various in-game upgrades, classic Id game soundtracks, and more .

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available to pre-order now

and doing so nets you additional bonuses, including a free digital copy of Doom , the Rip and Tear Pack, and more. Those who are waiting for the Collector’s Edition should know, however, that the