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dosycorp / browsergap.ce, Hacker News



Simple remote browser isolation application

The Community Edition version of the cloud-based internet isolation solution at


Download the repository and self-host on your own machine (at home, or in a VPS, VPC or the public cloud)

Eg on Debian

$ git clone $cdbrowsergap.ce $ npm i $ ./ $ npmtest


Try for free at

Detailed Instructions

Below is from an email I sent to a user to help them set up the first time:

Okay, I'm not sure about the VirtualBox part, but I'm doing a fresh install from a new droplet now and I'll list the commands I'm using 1 by 1 in order to help resolve your issue.  (btw to use nodejs v 12 I usually use nvm, but I don't bother installing node 12 for root, and I will run some BG processes using sudo, which lets them use the existing node (usually 10) and I have not noticed a problem).  ssh in to droplet, get a root prompt  $ apt update && apt upgrade  (get a weird error about Debian stretch being expired, okay, moving on)  (later found need to add  Acquire :: Check-Valid-Until "false";  to /etc/apt/apt.conf, okay)  $ apt install git  $ adduser --disabled-password user  $ update-alternatives --config editor  (selected vim)  $ visudo  (added  user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL  )  logout as root, ssh back in as user  $ sudo apt install curl $ curl -sL .x -o $ sudo bash ./ $ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs $ sudo apt install build-essential  (okay so node 10 is now installed, now I'm going to install nvm so I can use whatever node version I want)  $ curl -sL 11 / -o $ bash ./ $ source $ HOME / .profile $ nvm install --lts  (alright now node v 12. 13 .0 is installed)  $ sudo npm i -g serve nodemon pm2 $ sudo apt install psmisc htop nethogs $ sudo apt install libcgroup1 cgroup-tools  (okay that's a basic setup, now let's clone and install the bg)  $ git clone $ cd browsergap.ce $ npm i  (put some coffee on)  $ npm test  (failed "change of cgroup failed")  $ ./ $ npm test  (failed same error)  (I edited the file to be #! / bin / bash  username=$ (whoami) nodemon index.js 5002 8002 xxxcookie $ username token2  (I have also updated the repo with this change now as well) )  $ npm test  (works,  opened  http: //: 8002 /  in Chrome browser and I can see the UI and it all works

That text is also atthis gist


Brave Browser
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