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DuckDuckGo is the most popular alt search engine among Android users in the EU – GSMArena.com news – GSMArena.com, Gsmarena.com

After theEU ruledthat Google should offer Android users a choice of search engine and browser, the companyheld an auctionfor alternative search engines that wanted to participate. Thechoice screenrolled out to users in the middle of last year, which brings us to today – Google announced the most popular alternative search engines per country.

The clear winner is the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo. It was the top choice in all EU countries but one – the UK. There, Bing was on top. Unfortunately for Microsoft, its engine did not even make the Top 3 everywhere else.

The clear runner-up is Info.com, a meta search engine with a social networking twist. PrivacyWall, Qwant and Yandex were other popular choices, you can see the full list below.

You will be asked to pick a default search engine when setting up an Android phone

The choice screen currently appears the first time you launch the Play Store. However, starting in March this year, the screen will become part of the initial setup of the device.

Note that the options for search engines vary by country, each engine is free to bid in the auction for the countries it’s interested in. The three highest bidders plus Google will be shown in a random order. This might explain why Bing appears so rarely in the list – maybe Microsoft only bid for for placement in the UK.

Here’s the breakdown per country. To be clear, these are the most popular non-Google search engines.


Winners   ************** Austria    

DuckDuckGo, GMX, Info.com   ************** Belgium      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Bulgaria    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Croatia    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Czech Republic    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Seznam   ************** Denmark    

DuckDuckGo, Givero, Info.com


**************** Estonia    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Yandex   **************** Finland    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Yandex   ************** France     

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   **************** Germany    

DuckDuckGo, GMX, Info.com   ************** Greece      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Hungary    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Iceland    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Ireland      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Italy      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Latvia    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Yandex   ************** Liechtenstein    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   **************** Lithuania    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Yandex   ************** Luxembourg    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Malta    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Netherlands      DuckDuckGo, GMX, Info.com   ************** Norway      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Poland      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Yandex   ************** Portugal    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Republic of Cyprus    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** (Romania      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** Slovakia      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Seznam   **************** Slovenia    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   ************** (Spain    

DuckDuckGo, Info.com, Qwant   ************** Sweden      DuckDuckGo, Info.com, PrivacyWall   **************** United Kingdom    

Bing, DuckDuckGo, Info.com   **********************)

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