Saturday , January 23 2021

Eagles at Cowboys: Live updates, game stats, highlights for huge NFC East battle on Sunday Night Football –,


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I want to see what happened on that play, because you almost never see Dak talking smack with opponents like that.


I wouldn’t want Dak taking hits in a blowout, but that’s just me!


The Cowboys seem to be operating their offense as if this game is already over, which seems unwise.



This Eagles secondary is just a disaster.


This time Galluip catches a pass that was thrown behind him. Nice grab


Tyron Smith gets called for a hold there, and he does not seem like his fully healthy self tonight. Dallas’ Week 8 bye is well-timed, because they need him to get right.


Zeke’s 8 yard run is followed by a 7 yard run. Both right up the gut.


A run on first down, but it works just fine when it gets 8 yards



That was a tough throw to make, but there was a chance there. The Eagles are now kicking a field goal to cut a three-score lead down to … three scores.



OK there we go. Makes much more sense.


Why are the Cowboys declining this? They’re giving the Eagles 4th and 1. They should accept the penalty.


The Eagles go after Awuzie again, which is a very profitable idea for opposing offenses.


Really nice grab by Alshon knowing he was gonna take a big hit


Alshon back


Really nice block by Miles Sanders. Lawrence looked like he had a free run at Wentz, and Sanders took him out.


Now, Alshon is hobbling off the field


Nicely-schemed first -down catch for Alshon Jeffery. They got Wentz on the perimeter and gave him options at different levels.


Nice sideline grab by Alshon on a third down



Nice return from Boston Scott, but it’s coming back.


A Cowboys OL that had kept Dak Prescott very clean in the first half just gave up back to back sacks. That time Fletcher Cox just bullied his way right through Connor Williams, who is the obvious weak link on this line.



Rasul Douglas thought he was going to get OPI on Cooper, but instead Douglas gets called for it himself. The replay didn’t seem to show PI on either of them, so I guess letting the catch stand was a good call.


That’s the first time the Cowboys have run a different play with Zeke and Pollard on the field together, and it was a strange one. They motioned Zeke out of the backfield, and then back into the formation to make a crack block. It was not successful.


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