Sunday , May 16 2021

Election 2019 LIVE: Corbyn’s ‘fantasy’ free broadband plot is REJECTED by BT –,

Labor has promised a British Broadband public service that will deliver free full-fiber internet to every home and business by 2030 if it wins the general election. The party intends to bring parts of BT into public ownership under plans it said will result in a massive upgrade in the UK’s internet infrastructure. The aim is to put an end to patchy and slow coverage, boosting 5G connectivity across the country.

Jeremy Corbyn will make the announcement in Lancaster on Friday and describe the new free public service as central to Labor’s plans to transform the country and economy, bringing communities together in an “inclusive and connected society”.

But the BT CEO has said this morning the “mechanism for nationalization is not straight forward”.

Labor said it will be paid for through the party’s Green Transformation fund and taxing corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Google – adding it will save the average person £ 30. 30 a month.

They said there would be a one- off capital cost to rollout the full-fiber network of £ 15. 3 billion, in addition to the Government’s existing and not yet spent £ 5 billion commitment.

Cultu re Secretary Nicky Morgan said it was a “fantasy plan … what next?”


9. 23 am update: ‘Brexit was delayed while you led it’ Naga Munchetty ignores parliament BLOCKERS on Brexit

Boris Johnson faced accusations from Ms Munchetty who said he led the Brexit delay.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Johnson said: “What it means you take back control as a country.

“Your money, your borders, your laws.

Ms Munchetty said:“ I’ll tell you what’s interesting, the Brexit schedule has had to be delayed, the Conservative Party delayed it. ”

The Tory leader respond:“ Woah, I would say Parliament refused. ”

She interjected : “While you led it. While your party led it. ”

Mr Johnson said:“ We wanted to come out but if you remember Parliament blocked us.

“That is why we’re having this election. ”

9. 11 am update: Boris ‘guarentees’ government will not extend Brexit transition period

The Prime Minister said Britain he will “absolutely guarantee “that his government will not extend the Brexit transition period before the end of year.

He told the BBC:” I don’t want an extension.

“If we can get a working majority, all we need is 9 more seats, then can absolutely guarantee.”

8. 18 am update: Conservatives post mysterious message about buses on Twitter

The Tory Party posted a dark picture of a bus on the social media site.

The picturer also featured the dat of November 15.

They captioned the picture wi th: “We’re going to need a bigger bus.”

This suggested they are preparing to unveil something big today.

7. 40 am update: Famous face refuse to back Labor in election over association with anti — semitism

John le Carre and Joanna Lumley are among 24 public figures declaring their refusal to vote for the Labor Party because of its association with anti-Semitism.

In a letter to the Guardian, the group said the path to a more tolerant society “Must encompass Britain’s Jews with unwavering solidarity” and said Jeremy Corbyn has “a long record of embracing anti-Semites as comrades”.

Signatories of the letter also include actor Simon Callow, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and author Frederick Forsyth.

They wrote: “The coming election is momentous for every voter, but for British Jews it contains a particular anguish: the prospect of a prime minister steeped in a ssociation with anti-Semitism.

“Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labor has come under formal investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for institutional racism against Jews.

“ Two Jewish MPs have been bullied out of the party. Mr Corbyn has a long record of embracing anti-Semites as comrades.

“We listen to our Jewish friends and see how their pain has been relegated as an issue, pushed aside by arguments about Britain’s European future .

“For those who insist that Labor is the only alternative to Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, now, it seems, is not the time for Jewish anxiety.

“ But anti-Semitism is central to a wider debate about the kind of country we want to be.

“To ignore it because Brexit looms larger is to declare that anti-Jewish prejudice is a price worth paying for a Labor government.

A Labor party spokesman said: “We take allegations of antisemitism extremely seriously, we are taking robust action and we are absolutely committed to rooting it out of our party and wider society. ”

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