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Election results 2019: Analysis in maps and charts – BBC News, BBC News


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The Conservatives are set for a significant majority after taking more than (seats from Labor.) They have won seats in traditional labor heartlands across northern England and Wales, including Workington, Great Grimsby and Bassetlaw.

In Scotland, the SNP have made gains from all three other parties that held seats there in (********************************, most notably Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson’s seat of Dunbartonshire East.





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The Conservatives increased their vote share in many areas that voted Leave in the (EU referendum.


By contrast they lost votes in strong Remain constituencies such as those in Scotland and London. But Labor lost votes in both strong Remain and strong Leave areas.

Strong Leave and strong Remain constituencies are those where (****************************************% or more of the electorate voted for that option at the EU referendum.

Labor performed well in London, gaining Putney, but were not as strong as they have typically been across northern England.

With three seats yet to be declared, a total of 219 female MPs have been elected. This is (more than the previous high of 549 in (******************************.


*********************** (Read More


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