Election results 2019: Exit poll forecasts SNP to win 55 seats – BBC News, BBC News

Election results 2019: Exit poll forecasts SNP to win 55 seats – BBC News, BBC News


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Image caption                                    Nicola Sturgeon has said that the exit poll suggests it could be a “good night” for the SNP                             

The SNP could be on course to win********************************************************************** (of the) seats in Scotland, according to an exit poll published as voting ended in the UK general election.

If the forecast is correct, it would see the SNP win more seats than the

****************************************************************** it won in The poll, carried out on behalf of the BBC, ITV and Sky News, also suggests the Conservatives could win seats, Labor and the Lib Dems (****************************************************************************************.

That would mean the Conservatives would have an overall majority of 100.

The ********** The first election results have started to come in, with Newcastle Central the first constituency in the UK to declare at (************************************************************************************: (on Thursday.






After 1 of (seats)     




    Scottish National Party                    

  • SNP                                



    1seats compared to






  • CON                                



    *** 0seats compared to






  • LAB                                



    ,– 1seats compared to




    Liberal Democrat                    

  • LD



    *** 0seats compared to



  • The first Scottish constituency to declare result was Rutherglen and Hamilton West at

    **************************************************************************** on Friday, where the SNP’s Margaret Ferrier overturned a small Labor majority to win by (**************************************************************************************, ************************************************ votes to (**************************************************************************************, over Labor’s Ged Killen.

    The predicted result would be a remarkable success for the SNP, and would see the party return a similar number of MPs to the historic it won in the general election.

    It would also potentially add weight to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for a second independence referendum, which she wants to hold next year.

    Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, tweeted that the exit poll suggests it could be a “good night” for SNP, but she cautioned that “it is just an exit poll and there are many marginals, so let’s just wait and see”.

    She added: “What it indicates UK wide though is grim.”

    Ms Sturgeon has already pledged to send a letter to the prime minister before Christmas requesting that Holyrood be given the power to hold indyref2.

    The UK government cabinet minister, Michael Gove, told ITV he does not believe that another independence referendum is inevitable, despite the SNP’s strong showing in the exit poll.

    The exit poll also predicts that the Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson would lose her East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP.


    For a nationwide breakdown of results,see our results page, which will be updated throughout the night.




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    But the Liberal Democrats have insisted that the exit poll does not reflect what the party was seeing on the ground in Scotland.

    Polling expert Prof Sir John Curtice said that the SNP figure for Scotland was the part of the exit poll “about which frankly we are least confident “,

    And he said he would not be surprised if the party’s gains were” rather less “than predicted.

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    Image caption                                    Votes are being counted across Scotland after the polls closed at : on Thursday                             

    It comes at the end of an election campaign which had focused heavily on the key constitutional issues of Brexit and an independence referendum.

    The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg said that if the exit poll figures are broadly correct then Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will get the backing he needs in Parliament to take the UK out of the EU next month. It would be the biggest Conservative victory since and Labour’s worst result since (********************************************************, the poll suggests, with the party forecast to lose (seats.) What is an exit poll?

    In the exit poll. voters are asked to fill in a mock ballot paper as they leave the polling station, indicating how they have just voted.

    exit poll was conducted by Ipsos Mori at 320 polling stations, with (**************************************************************************************, (interviews.)

    Scotland has only 07 sampling points so the exit poll is harder to forecast than in other parts of the country.

    Exit polls have proved to be very accurate in recent years. It correctly predicted a hung Parliament in (******************************************************, with with no overall winner, and in it predicted the Conservatives would be the largest party.


    This has been a remarkable election campaign, unprecedented given the nature of the contest – with Brexit and independence and huge fundamental issues at play.

    And this is quite a remarkable exit poll.

    We have to put in all the caveats – these are real voters in real polling stations who have really voted and given their views to pollsters as they came out, but this is only a sample – it can ‘t be drilling down to be (% accurate.

    ) Before the election Ruth Davidson said she would go skinny dipping in Loch Ness if the SNP won 50 seats.

    If the exit poll is right, she’d better get to the banks of the loch.

    An increase of 22 seats would put the SNP nearly to the level they were at in (********************************************************, and give Nicola Sturgeon the mandate to demand a further independence referendum.


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