Emirati author breaks ground with English translated novel

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Abu Dhabi: A novel written by an Emirati, that explores Arab societal themes, can now be read by English-speaking audiences after being translated from Arabic to English, giving non-Arabic speakers a unique insight into aspects of Arab life.

Written by Asma Al Zarouni, Killing Me Once More centres around Nora, an Emirati college student who follows the wishes of her family by marrying a distant cousin. The story looks at the relationship between traditions and modernity in an age of increasing technology and independent thinking.

Emirati author Asma Al Zarouni
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“Since my childhood, I loved writing, and in the beginning I would draw with my fingers on the sand on the beach, and so the sea was my fantasy. My first title that I published – Whispering of the Beaches – was in 1994, and from then, my writings continued and the topics diversified,” said Asma.

“As a writer, one of my biggest dreams was to have some of my books translated, and thanks to an initiative by the Sharjah Book Authority, I did have one of my novels translated into seven languages, not including English,” she added.

“Then came the novel Killing Me Once More, which was published in 2016, originally in Arabic. I had a signing ceremony for the book at the Sharjah International Book Fair, and Dr Abdullah Al Taiyeb, a Saudi writer and translator, told me he would translate this book for me into English,” she explained.

Asma Al Zarouni says the book in English has been a dream come true
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“Al Taiyeb coordinated between me and several American publishing houses. Eventually, we had the book translated, which I was thrilled about because I believe many non-Arabs are yearning for Arab literary books,” she said.

The book is currently available on Amazon and with US-based publishing house Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

Asma said her dream as an author to have her work translated into English has been fulfilled.

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