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Endowment for al-Anar al-Yarja al-Haddou


Hasbris ـ Reference

Of course 31 – 14: 35

Al-Sawriyyat al-Sawriyyat al-Anansi and the head of the anti-Semitism, Elium al-Sabbat, an al-Sawriyyat guardian of the martyrdom of the Hedwahs back of my kingdom, al-Zawriyyah, and later of the Imam Khomeini. )

And then devoted to al-Anar al-Thani al-Adha, meaning al-Shahr al-Faylah in northwestern Syria, at the end of the Great Mosque of Al-Anbar, after a brief review of the annals of Ali al-Harb.

Vannarth al-Hodni al-Awliyah After the third day of my life, I went to the city of Ghazd al-Jari, and my predecessor, al-Jaish al-Souri, went to Russia later in the raid. and the local al-Qaeda’s local government ة Ali’s consecration to al-Anar al-Badr I am Sabah Eliyat al-Sabbat “Al-Quraysh al-Rabbi al-Qarab al-Rabbيn”

Al-Jum’a, the al-Sawriyyat supreme authority of al-Nawr al-Manar, on the part of the “disadvantaged region” of Faylab al-Waleed, in the interest of the general public. Al-Zawra’i al-Wadi al-Sadriyah al-Sadriyah

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