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Fallout 76 Bug Exterminator Rage-Quits After Baseless Bethesda Ban, Crypto Coins News

  • A Fallout 76 bug finder halted support for the game after Bethesda banned his gaming account.
  • The incident is just one among many reported by frustrated community members.
  • Growing tensions have led to a sort of civil a war between Fallout 76 players.

(An aggrieved Fallout) player and bug investigator announced that he isshutting down Map 76, a support platform for the game, after Bethesda closed one of his

Fallout 76 Player Claims He Was Banned for Sniffing Out Bugs

According to his statement, thepublisher deactivated accountsthat were used to find Fallout 76 exploits. Bethesda’s irresponsiveness compelled him to halt support for the game in retaliation.

Our accounts that we used to verify the exploit were promptly banned. We have been contacting support explaining that we are the ones who discovered and reported it, but have not gotten a response. This has been going on for weeks now.

Bethesda’s Flagship Title Suffers from Bugs and Communication Issues

The team at Bethesda has, in the past, beenforced to apologizefor failing to communicate well with its Fallout 76 community members and seemingly dragging its feet on addressing major issues.

The game has been plagued by a litany of UI problems since its release. Among them are stunning bugs that have, at times, severely threatened to impact the experience.

For example, an “immortality bug” rendered some players invincible. One gamer reached out to the publisher tohave his character killedafter he was unable to die.

Other problems had real-world consequences. In December, the Fallout platform experienced a major error that revealed customer details to other users. Some of theleaked infoincluded credit card data and email addresses.

Relations in the Bethesda community have taken on a decidedly post -apocalyptic feel. | Source:Bethesda

Fallout 76 Community Descends into Civil War

Growing frustration among Fallout 76 gamers hasled to a rift and the rise of two main factions.

On one side of the civil war is a group of paid subscribers who have formed a clan dubbed the “Apocalyptic Aristocracy. ”The group is comprised of players that are looking to have fun without being attacked or mocked for subscribing to a game that has so many shortfalls.

On the other is an anti-subscription group. The conflict between the two sides has culminated in a class warfare debacle.

In the beginning, the situation was relatively calm. Things escalated when some players reported getting jumped by a group of characters donning fancy costumes.

There were hopes that the phenomena would be resolved after theintroduction of a private server feature. It was slated to allow subscribers to play in virtual worlds with their teams, friends, or alone.

But even this feature isexperiencing problems. One bug reportedly allowed intrusions into private servers, while others caused player scrap boxes to disappear.

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