Thursday , July 9 2020

Farmageddon movie review: Stop-motion sheep> CG hedgehog, Ars Technica


      inarticulate grunting –


Studio behind Wallace & Gromit returns with whimsical lark about a sheep and a UFO.



This promotional image isn’t actually in Farmaggedon , but it sums up the mood of the movie.
Do you like stop-motion animation? I love stop-motion animation. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love stop-motion. From King Kong to the California Raisins — put that good stuff straight into my veins.

The current champion of stop-motion is Aardman Animations, which mostly works in a brand of modeling clay called Plasticine that is equal parts cutting-edge and charmingly handmade. I stumbled across an Aardman short called The Wrong Trousers () on PBS in high school , and I was hooked. The film follows a pathologically British inventor named Wallace and his long-suffering dog, Gromit. In Trousers and their other various adventures, Wallace displays a profound lack of proportionality: he builds Rube Goldberg inventions when a butter knife would do, he buys robotic pants to help paint his walls, and he constructs a rocket to go to the Moon when he runs out of cheese. He also lives in a universe where everyone has more teeth than could possibly fit in their mouths.





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