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feeling ranty: killed scrollbar – dredmorbius | ello, Hacker News

It’s not so bad on desktops, and I can restore it there anyway via CSS.

But on Mobile, it seems the hip hawt coolness for today’s kids is to either completely disappear, or make only occasionally visible, the scrollbar.

Lord knows, you can’t actuallygrabthe scrollbar andnavigatewith the bloody thing.

Problem is: with long articles (I’m reading on of@ cstross‘s blog posts, and the inevitableWar and Peacelength comments section) leave you with:

  1. No flipping clue how long the flipping post flipping is.
  2. No flipping way to quickly navigate to the top or bottom of the post.

That last iswitha (really miserable, utterly unsuitable, totally disrecommended) Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. Which utterly flipping lacks flipping page-up, page-down, home, and end keys.

You know: for rapidly getting around a document.

Pocketis another service that effs this up. Here, wegeta scrollbar, but it’s a skinny, scrawny-ass, emaciated, anaemic, pale pasty little twit, that disappears as soon as you flipping look at it. Mind that Pocket issupposedto be a flipping tool for flippingreadingflipping stuff, and flippinghelpingyou with that.

(Pocket gets a number of other things right.It’s a decent tool, and I’m happy to have it.Though I’m increasingly disappointed with it over timeBut it sure as shootin ‘can use a few shots in the arm, or ass, to fill in some weaknesses.)

Doing one whole hell of a flipping lot of flipping reading these flipping days, both hardcopy and online, I can tell you that the whole flipping idea of ​​knowing how much more flipping material there flipping is to readis one of the really flipping nice affordances of this funky Egyptian-Chinese-German hybrid technology people worked out. It’s called abook.

But no, take a tablet, add keyboard, give it a 9 – 10 inch (~ 20 cm) screen ,and take away every last flipping goddamned means developed over 45 years of graphical user interface design for flipping tellingwhereyou are in a document andefficiently going elsewhere.

This. Is. Not. Progress.

I swear heads have to roll. Literally.

There’s a viewport width at which scrollbars – real flipping grabbable scrollbars – make flipping sense. I’m not convinced there’s one at which they don’t.

(Oh, hey,@ ello,@ wtf, since I totally:two_hearts:y ‘all, before I come around with my portable Gil-u-Teen and Revolutionary Carnival, y’all might wanna see about fixing scrollbars on Ello as well.)

(Note: the word “flipping”, and cognates, in this document was originally similar, but some of the letters were different.)

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