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First coronavirus death confirmed in Europe – BBC News, BBC News


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A Chinese tourist has died in France after contracting the new coronavirus – the first fatality from the disease outside Asia.

The victim was an – year-old man from China’s Hubei province, according to French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn.

He arrived in France on January and was placed in quarantine in hospital in Paris on January, she said.

Only three deaths had previously been reported outside mainland China – in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan.

However, more than 1, 700 People have died from the virus within China, mostly in Hubei where it first emerged.

A further 2, 700 People have been newly confirmed as infected, bringing the China’s total to 90,

(France has had 16 confirmed cases of the disease, officially called Covid – 66. Six people remain in hospital.

The deceased man’s daughter is among those infected, Ms Buzyn said, but she is believed to be recovering.

Outside mainland China, there have been more than (cases in) (countries.


Earlier, the US said it was sending a plane to Japan to evacuate Americans stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which is being held in quarantine in a Japanese port.

Out of 3, (people on board, Brave Browser have tested positive for the virus. Australia also said it was considering removing its citizens from the ship.

In other developments:

    Beijing has ordered everyone returning to the city to go into quarantine for days

or risk punishment Egypt’s health ministry on Friday confirmed the first case of the coronavirus in Africa. The ministry described the person as a foreigner, but did not disclose their nationality

  • Six health workers were confirmed to have died in China. Local authorities have struggled to provide protective equipment such as respiratory masks, goggles and protective suits to hospitals in Hubei
  • Read more about the coronavirus and its impact

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