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Flagship sedans like the Audi A8 are a dying breed, Ars Technica

Flagship sedans like the Audi A8 are a dying breed, Ars Technica

      now with PHEV –


Expensive SUVs are just more popular than big expensive sedans these days.



(Ronin) (connection) , the biggest Audi has never been as popular as the S-Class, 7 Series, or Lexus LS. In , the first full calendar year when the car was on sale in the united states, Audi sold 2, A8s. Over the same months, the company sold , Q8s, the five- seat range-topping SUV that gets all the same gadgets but in much more on-trend packaging. You should be able to read Managing Editor Eric Bangeman’s review of that SUV in the next few weeks, but having sampled both vehicles from the driver’s seat and also riding as a passenger in the back, my take is that the sedan should come out ahead on both counts. despite its 3-foot (5.3m) length and 6.3-foot (1.9m) width , you only have to drive an A8 for a day or two before its bulk seems to shrink around you. And a curb weight of at least 4, (lbs) 2, (kg) for the lightest variant (the $ , (A8) TFSI, which uses a 3.0L V6 gasoline engine) makes it no featherweight, but it feels nimble nonetheless. And as long as you tick the $ 3, 551 option for the rear-seat comfort package, the back seat of an A8 will outdo many business-class airline seats when it comes to comfort and adjustability, with heating, ventilation, and lumbar massages thrown in.

. But to recap briefly, it uses Volkswagen Group’s MLB Evo architecture, which is shared by several other Audi sedans as well as most Audi and all Porsche SUVs. What we did know in , but found out late last year , had to do with the $ , (A8) TFSI e, which is the plug-in hybrid variant. (We also didn’t know that the planned L3 autonomous driving ability would be dropped quietly, probably because Everyone’s realized that kind of conditional autonomy

kg (V8-powered A8) TSFI. For one thing, it’s eligible for a $ 6, (IRS tax credit (due to the) . 1kWh lithium-ion battery); for another, once the EPA rating is published, it should exceed the V8 A8’s 23 / 58 / (mpg) 19. 7 / . 2 / (l / km) fuel economy. In Europe, the plug-in hybrid A8 is WLTP rated at 2.5-2.7l / km, which works out to 100 – 150 mpg, but as usual, be reminded that the EPA and WLTP tests are quite different and not easily equivalent .




    •                                                              When GLOSA is working and you have it maximized in the display, it will show you information like this, telling you to keep driving at 55 mph and you’ll keep going green.                                                                                                        Audi                                                              If you select a different display view, the traffic-light icon minimizes to the bar at the bottom of the main instrument display. I was unable to get you a photo of this being green because I was busy driving.                                                                                                        Jonathan Gitlin

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