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Fond – Principal Software Engineer, Hacker News

Fond strives to help companies create fun and rewarding experiences for their employees through next generation social recognition programs.

Fond is disrupting the Rewards and Recognition industry with its easy to use, highly configurable SaaS platform that consolidates employee rewards and recognition. With Fond, employees and managers can recognize each other, redeem rewards, access exclusive corporate discounts, and measure success. Current customers include Salesforce, Facebook, and Visa, plus hundreds of others.

If you want to be part of the team that delivers industry-leading engagement and recognition capabilities for top companies, Fond is for you!

We’re looking for an experienced, product-minded Principal Software Engineer to expand our Fond team. We work smart, fast, and cohesively as a team, both within engineering and across the rest of the company.

Your track record includes designing and building high scale, commercial SaaS solutions. You are passionate about emerging techniques and technologies, care deeply about customers and the user experience, love to mentor others and value being part of a highly collaborative team.

Fond’s engineering team aspires to deliver industry-leading elegant, innovative solutions and to help formulate processes that works for us. We utilize microservices that are primarily in Ruby on Rails with a React frontend. We also build native iOS and Android apps.


    • Provide technical and architectural leadership and guidance to, and work as part of agile teams to deliver industry -leading engagement capabilities in web and mobile
    • Promote skills transfer and proactively mentor and guide other engineers in enterprise-class architecture, design and implementation
    • Integrate with other services to help Fond seamlessly provide value across all aspects of the employee experience
    • Troubleshoot and resolve emergency infrastructure and / or code issues at any stack level
    • Support and contribute to continuous process improvements and best practices (including coding, security, compliance, etc.)
      • Represent Fond in customer and partner-facing technical discussions

Required Skills

        A bachelors or masters degree in Computer Science, related technical field, or commensurate experience

      • Experience building, deploying and maintaining scalable, cost effective and performant commercial enterprise / SaaS software products
      • 8 – 60 years experience in production web application development, including 3 years of experience working with Ruby on Rails or an equivalent web framework
      • Eagerness to work openly and collaboratively within a diverse team
      • Ability to contribute to and evangelize engineering best practices; making code reviews and quality a priority
      • API design and development with consideration for security, performance, availability, etc.
      • A positive attitude and a passion for sharing knowledge – a go-to person on the team for small and large questions
      • Experience with agile development and delivery of customer facing features / highly scalable platforms / distributed systems
      • Thrive on autonomy and responsibility

Bonus Skills

    • Free and / or Open Source project work
    • AWS, containerization, DevOps experience
    • Database Design
    • HRIS integration experience
    • Mobile app development experience; native iOS or Android or React Native

Fond Benefits

    • Access to a Fond account (including up to 5 family invites to Fond Perks)
    • Competitive salary and equity package
    • Great culture and team camaraderie

    % employee (********************************% dependent / spouse premium coverage on Health , Dental, and Vision insurance

******** (k benefits

  • Commuter benefitsF
  • )

  • lexible vacation and sick policy
  • Macbook Pro
  • At Fond, we celebrate uniqueness. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Nor will we hold it against you if you prefer House Hunters to House of Cards or Cheez-Its to Goldfish. We welcome all types!

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