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Forget Coronavirus: This ‘Earth Destroyer’ Asteroid Could Kill You First –, Crypto Coins News

  • As if the coronavirus plague isn’t terrifying enough, the Earth will cross paths with a planet-destroying asteroid this Saturday.
  • It’s larger than the tallest building on Earth, and big enough to trigger a major impact event, nuclear winter, and mass extinctions.
  • NASA has officially classified the planet killer as a “Potentially Hazardous Asteroid” (PHA). It will miss by just 0. 154 astronomical units.

In a recent poll, a majority of New Hampshire Democrats said they’d rather a meteor extinguish all human life on Earth than Donald Trump win reelection . Just % of Democrats held their nose and picked Trump over the end of humanity.

The other % said bring on the meteor!

Faced with a choice between an apocalyptic meteor strike and another four years of Trump , most New Hampshire Democrats chose Armageddon. | Source: TIME

Well, the Giant Meteor crowd could get their wish.

As if

the worsening coronavirus pandemic is not terrifying enough, NASA says a giant, “potentially hazardous asteroid” will cross within 0. astronomical units of Earth.

The asteroid has a diameter of 3, 336 feet. That’s bigger than the tallest building on Earth – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It will cross Earth’s path this Saturday at 6: 31 am EST .

The giant space object is simply named “ ( (PZ) ). ” It’s what astronomers call an “Apollo” asteroid. These are asteroids with a path that crosses Earth’s orbit.

Killer Asteroids: A Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus?

While coronavirus is deadly and apparently highly contagious, an Earth-destroying asteroid poses a more existential threat.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that’s part of his drive to colonize other planets. He knows major impacts have upended all life on Earth in the past, and will again.

Musk tweeted last year that a big space rock would eventually hit Earth, and that we currently have no defense .

Source: Twitter

At least we’re prepared to fight coronavirus.

But NASA has been making plans to deflect a killer asteroid for years. A survey last year found Americans

prioritize asteroid defense over another manned mission to the Moon .

In 233732, an asteroid as large as the one currently hurtling toward Earth will pass even closer. It will be a dreadful near-miss of just 336, miles . Hopefully, Saturday’s asteroid will pass by without any unforeseen factors disturbing its orbit.

Hug your sweetheart tight on Valentine’s Day.

It might be Armageddon Eve.

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