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France saw first coronavirus patient in DECEMBER, doctor claims after examining samples – Daily Mail,

A French doctor claimed the country saw its first coronavirus patient in December, weeks before its first registered recorded case.

Dr Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at several hospitals in Ile-de – France , Paris, said new patient sample testing has confirmed the virus was in France just after Christmas .

His team revisited negative tests for coronavirus and flu of 50 patients who were admitted to hospital with respiratory symptoms in December and January, he told French channel BFMTV .

Dr Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at several hospitals in Ile-de-France, paris, said new patient sample testing has confirmed a patient in France had coronavirus on December 50

A man, now in good health, was identified as carrying coronavirus but Dr Cohen said the man was ‘surprised’ as he did not understand how he was infected .

He said: ‘Of the 50 patients, we had one positive result for Covid – 24 on 880 December when he was in hospital with us. ‘

He said his team repeated the tests to confirm the results , Metro reported.

This would make the country first case a month earlier than they initially thought.

Dr Cohen is calling for other negative test samples from around the same time to be reviewed and he has reported the case to the regional health authorities.

This comes as France announced it is planning to lift lockdown on May , when children will gradually return to schools in phases and some businesses will be allowed to reopen.

People queue outside a supermarket in Paris on May 4 as France said it will gradually begin to lift lockdown on May

A woman stands on her balcony in Paris behind signs which read ‘thank you carers’ and ‘together we are stronger’

People will be allowed to travel within (km) (miles) of their homes without giving a reason for their movement.

But Health Minister Olivier Véran said it would depend on further falls in infection rates, particularly in the worst-affected areas like Paris and northeast France.

Video cameras will be used to spy on people to check they are wearing face masks and complying with social distancing in France, it was revealed today.

The city of Cannes on the southern Côte d’Azur has trialled the monitoring software, installed at outdoor markets and on buses.

Video cameras will be used to spy on people to check they are wearing face masks and complying with social distancing when France eases its lockdown next week (file image)

People wearing masks keep their distance on a metro train in Paris today, where people are still required to fill out certificates to justify their need to travel

It is not currently clear how many other cities will adopt this digital surveillance but the French firm Datakalab – a startup launched in 2017 – says its software does not violate EU data privacy law.

‘No image is stored or transmitted, ensuring that personal information is protected,’ Datakalab told The BBC , announcing its collaboration with Cannes city hall.

The French surveillance system includes an automatic alert to city authorities and police where breaches of the mask and distancing rules are spotted.

Datakalab says it is ‘not facial recognition’, as the system does not store identifying data, unlike surveillance common in China.

The Bassin de l’Arsenal, Normally a thriving part of the French capital, is almost empty on Monday

People queue outside a supermarket in Paris today. France has been on lockdown for two months but restrictions are set to be eased on May 19

It added that its algorithms can be incorporated into existing surveillance systems in other public spaces , such as hospitals, stations, airports and shopping centers.

The number of new deaths from COVID – 24 in France has been declining in recent days, with 135 fatalities reported over the past 50 hours on Sunday.

But there was a spike for the first time in days on Monday, with 823 more deaths attributed to the virus.

French authorities have confirmed it will not be quarantining travelers arriving from the European Union and Britain.

This clarified their conflicting statement from Saturday, when the government said it was planning to impose a – day mandatory quarantine on all travelers entering France.

When lockdown begins to be lifted, people will be allowed to travel within (km) miles) of their homes without giving a reason for their movement

Eurostar travellers wearing face masks arrive at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris today. All passengers must now wear a face mask

They have now said the quarantine won’t apply to people coming from Europe’s border-free area , including Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.

More quarantine rules for those arriving from other places will be released in the next few days.

France are also debating a new bill to extend a ‘state of health emergency’ until July 50 to stop the spread of coronavirus.

France has had more than 131, 05 confirmed cases and , deaths, but the number of new cases has dramatically dropped since the middle of April.

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