[FREE] Basic Nepali Language Learning for Beginners

Hello, Namaste and Jojolapa.

If you are the one who is already planning to travel to Nepal and looking for  a platform where you can learn Nepali, but hasn’t found any Nepali language learning sources……………..

Or, if you are the one who really wants to go to Nepal for the volunteer  projects, or if this is the case that your partner is Nepalese and now you want to be able to speak or impress him/her in Nepali language,

Or, if you want to go to Nepal for Home stay experience in one of the amazing villages and want to communicate with your host  in the local language from your first day,

For any such situation, if you are looking for your learning platform, let me take you to this journey together with me…… Sanee from Nepal.

But, if you are wondering why this course, let me answer your queries.

This course is designed to help anyone, who is absolute beginner and has zero experience or knowledge about Nepal.

I have used English, Roman/ Latin characters and a bit of Devnagari script.

I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the Devnagari script, that i have used i the first few pages. The complete purpose of the script is to give you a little bit of language taste. But, all you need is to be able to read and understand the Roman characters and repeat with me for the pronunciations. As for every word, i have given you the English translation also which i believe it to be interesting to explore this course little  by little.

But please note that, you don’t have to remember the whole chapter at once. I have tried to break down the chapter as shorter as possible. the contents that you will learn in the first chapter will be used little by little in the other chapters too, which will help you to learn and remember the contents until the last chapter.

Through this language learning designation, you will learn essential conversational Nepali used in a common situation.

Starting from pronouns, simple vocabularies, asking about people will definitely help you to be more friendly with Nepalese. And, it will also take you to another level of helping yourself by introducing, talking about your simple problems, asking for directions and talking about your likes and dislikes. As i have also mentioned in the lecture videos, the last lecture will be my all time favorite because it gives a bit of Local Language Spice. I totally encourage you to enjoy the local language tips.

I hope this little process will definitely make your journey or your objective more vibrant, friendly and fun. I hope every time when you learn a new word, you will take full advantage of your knowledge and try to make your own simple sentences or practice in your mind.

I believe everyone can learn when there is a reason, enthusiasm, motivation and correct platform.

      So GOOD LUCK for your NEW LANGUAGE journey.

      Sign Up and start learning today.

      You want to see me inside this course, then I’m there.

What you’ll learn

  • learn basic Nepali conversational skills
  • learn how to introduce yourself
  • learn how to do Greeting
  • learn how to ask directions
  • learn to talk about likes and dislikes

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