[FREE] Rock Your Wedding First Dance

Have you been dreaming of your wedding your whole life, but now feel a little uneasy when it comes to your first dance? Maybe you are looking for something a little more interesting than stepping side to side for your first dance, but also don’t want it to look completely choreographed. I completely understand, and that’s why I created this online first dance course for you! With just nine steps, you will learn all the essential beginning ballroom steps you’ll need to feel confident AND excited. Along with my awesome husband, we walk through each step slowly and clearly, so that you know exactly how to execute each new step from both perspectives (for the ladies and the gents), and we even provide a couple camera angles to demonstrate when needed. You can have two left feet, no rhythm, and feel uncertain, and still succeed at this course. I’ve taught hundreds of couples these exact same steps in just two private 45-minute lessons, and I know you can learn them too! You will emerge from this course with the confidence to rock your wedding first dance!

Here’s what you’ll get in this Rock Your Wedding First Dance course:

  • Nine basic ballroom dance steps, perfect for combining in your own way to rock your first dance!
  • Demonstration from both the ladies’ and gents’ perspectives of the steps so it’s easy to follow along.
  • All nine videos are yours to keep, and return to anytime you want.
  • Do this course for nine consecutive days, or in your own timing. Make it yours.
  • Even when you’ve completed the course, you’ll have lifetime access to revisit your favorite steps anytime you want to!

With this course you will:

  • Learn a new skill that is accessible for people of any fitness level.
  • Discover how to reveal more confidence and self-value than you’ve ever had, by learning fun dance technique for your first dance.
  • Challenge yourself to be the best possible YOU at your reception.
  • Fulfill bucket list dreams!

Who should take this course?

  • Engaged couples who want to purposefully learn a new skill that engages their mind and body.
  • Engaged couples who want to transform their first dance stress into a first dance win!
  • Engaged couples who can move at a basic fitness level.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn simple steps to rock your wedding first dance! Feel confident and have fun while looking suave.

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