[FREE] Shopify Master: Build An eCommerce Website Using Shopify

Shopify is one of the hottest products around and I’m going to teach you, step-by-step, how to become a Shopify expert in no time at all – from scratch! You don’t need any prior knowledge of Shopify or any technical skills – if you can use a web browser you are good to go!

Follow along with my Videos showing you EXACTLY how to build your own E-Commerce Print on Demand Business from the ground up. I have documented the WHOLE process, from the initial idea, all the way through to launching Facebook Ads to drive traffic.

I’ll be showing you all of the tools and tricks I used on my first store, as well as some bonuses that will blow your mind! To supplement the course, I have also created a dedicated Shopify Startups Facebook Group which I encourage you to Join and Participate in.

The beauty of a Print on Demand Dropshipping business is that it can be run from anywhere in the world. This year I aim to work remotely on my ventures from at least 3 different countries.

The Topics and Areas Covered in this Course include:

  • Introduction to E-Commerce, Print on Demand and How it Works
  • Niche, Audience and Theme Research and Selection, using cutting-edge tools
  • Secret Extensions to get Cashback automatically on business purchases – meaning minimal Start-Up costs!
  • Access to an awesome Shopify 14 Day Free Trial
  • Registering and Linking a Domain Name to Shopify
  • Registering and Linking an Email Address to Your Website
  • Full coverage of Shopify Settings
  • How to Add ALL of the necessary Pages to your Website
  • How to Create a Professional Navigation Bar
  • Free vs Premium Themes
  • Editing your Shopify Store
  • Adding Social Media to your Store
  • Setting up Collections, Product Pages and also some basic tips for Shopify SEO
  • Editing the Store Language Settings – Something most people completely ignore!
  • Free Resources for Creating Graphics and Branding
  • Top Tips and Tricks to Increase your Conversions and Sales
  • A Complete Guide to Setting up automatic Shipment Tracking and Customer Updates
  • Adding a Social Proof Pop Up App
  • Adding a Facebook Chat Support
  • Adding an Announcement Bar
  • Adding an Instagram Feed to Your Store
  • Adding Wheelio
  • Collecting Messenger Subscribers
  • How to Add Product Page Trust Seals
  • A Complete Guide to adding Google Analytics AND the Facebook Pixel to your Shopify Store
  • Adding a Checkout Countdown Timer
  • How to Launch Facebook Ads
  • How to Launch Facebook Retargeting Ads
  • An Introduction to Email Marketing
  • How to Drive Traffic to your Shopify Store, both Paid and Free Methods
  • Adding a Print on Demand App and Importing Products to Your Store
  • Methods for Sourcing Designs for Products
  • How to Add Products with Different POD Providers
  • Plus much, much more!

How Is This Course Different? This course includes analysis, opinions, techniques, short-cuts, and tips from the instructor that you won’t find on the help pages of Shopify, or in other Udemy courses. It also includes step-by-step site build demonstration section.

This course offers a unique and systematic framework for planning and launching a Shopify site in a step-by-step method that will prepare you for long-term ecommerce success.

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started right now on building a financially secure future.

What you’ll learn

  • Build your very own Shopify Store.
  • Link a Domain and Email to Shopify.
  • Prepare all Shopify Settings Correctly.
  • Add a Checkout Countdown Timer.
  • Set Up Email Marketing and Abandoned Cart Emails.
  • Improve Your Store Conversion Rate.
  • Set Up Collections and Drop Down Menus.
  • Find Out How to Further Monetise Your New Skills.
  • Add awesome Apps to your Store.
  • Learn some Key Tips to Choosing a Niche.
  • Find and Install Awesome Free and Paid Shopify Themes.
  • Add an Instagram Feed to your Store.
  • Set Up Messenger Marketing and Messenger Recovery Campaigns.
  • Learn How to Source Graphics and Designs for Your Products.
  • Learn How to Launch Facebook Ads.

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