[FREE]Build A Dental Website With Python and Django

In this course you’ll learn to build websites with Python and Django by building out a cool and professional Dentist website! Why a Dental website?  Many coders want to become freelance web developers, and what better way to get gigs than by building websites for all the Dentists in your area! 

In this course you’ll learn to build websites fast using free HTML templates.  We’ll download a dental template for free and then customize it to suit our needs. 

You’ll learn to…

  • Install Python
  • Install The Sublime Text Editor and Git Bash Terminal
  • Set Up A Virtual Environment
  • Install Django and Start Our Project
  • Run the Django Server
  • Start a New Django App
  • Urls .py
  • Build our First Webpage
  • Download the Dental Template
  • Create Static DIRS
  • Install the Dental Template
  • Add Static Tags to The Template
  • Tweak Our Static Tags (part 1)
  • Tweak Our Static Tags (part 2)
  • Tweak Our Static Tags (part 3)
  • Building Django Links
  • Tweak The HTML Template
  • Add Custom Images
  • Add A Video
  • Contact Page
  • Change The Contact Page Map
  • Build The Contact Form
  • Build The Contact Form (part 2)
  • Send Email With Django
  • Send Email With Django (part 2)
  • Send Email With The Development Sendmail Server
  • Create an Email Response Page
  • Version Control With Git
  • Github . com
  • Intro To Heroku For Webhosting
  • Install The Heroku Toolbelt
  • Install Modules For Heroku
  • Settings .py Heroku Changes
  • Push Our Code To Heroku
  • Add A Domain Name

This is a really fun course with a cool project! When we’re finished you’ll have a nice website to add to your portfolio!

See you inside!

-John Elder

What you’ll learn

  • Introductory Django
  • How to Build Template Driven Websites With Django
  • Download and Install Python
  • Install Django
  • How To Manage URL’s
  • How to Create Views/Pages
  • How to Use Templates
  • How To Build Any Basic Business Website

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