[FREE]How DRAWING Easily? Step by Step with DRAWING School

Welcome to DRAWING SCHOOL. I love Easy drawing ways! You will learn drawing from basic to master class essentially and amazing methods. Do you want to learn the highest quality and best drawing course? Are you afraid of drawing and white paper? Would you like to solve your drawing problems forever? Learn a basic drawing, and step-by-step in this Course.

I have discovered your needs and worry. For years I’ve been looking for the best drawing techniques. Drawing your job and skills will be increases. your business be more income. If you are a painter, illustrator, art teacher, designer architect, sculptor in art work learning to drawing is very important. This course fulfills your dream of drawing skills. Here’s a structured outline of your progress.

I will guide you step by step to your goals in drawing. I know your needs. You are just a little worried and this Course will disappear your fear. Many workouts start from beginner level and learn you to advanced. Simple drawing method for anything. Body, landscape, animals, subjects, portrait.

For anyone who wishes to draw. Any age and anywhere. Practice the course with understanding volumes. Spherical, cylindrical, cubes, and cones. Everything is drew with these four volumes. I start with simple exercises. But do you believe that at the end of the course you can draw your own family photos with the techniques of this course? Yes, from simple lines to pictures of your own family.

Draw with four techniques :

1- In the first way you learn to draw with CONTOUR. Draw with your eyes, not with pencils!

2- In the second method, you learn to draw the FIGURE with your feeling.

3- In the third way you learn to draw with PROPORTIONAL. Distance and slops.

4- The fourth way you learn is to draw a VOLUME. Combining volumes to make objects.

What you’ll learn

  • How to hold a PENCIL and TOOLS?
  • How DRAW with eyes?!
  • How OVERCOME to fears of drawing
  • Learn to Draw with 4 techniques: CONTOUR, FIGURE, PROPORTIONAL, VOLUME
  • How to DRAWING everything easily
  • How is the SHADOWING in 3 step: BLACK, GRAY, WHITE?
  • What about 4 Drawing techniques?
  • How SHADING after Drawing?
  • How about PERSPECTIVE?
  • What is REALISTIC Shadow and light?

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