[FREE]Redux framework in React Native Course 2020 (w/ Hooks, JS)

Welcome to the best react native with redux course. You might be thinking why learn redux? Redux is the most widely used state management library for React apps. Chances are you are going to encounter it and work on a project that uses it, so understanding how it works is essential. Its simplicity and maintainability make it a great fit for most apps.

I created this course in a away that is comprehensive and easy to follow along. Together we will explore everything you need to know about redux, so you can start integrating it into any react native project with confidence.

We will cover everything from the basics to advanced topics. We will start by setting up our development environment, We will go over the basic of redux, and after that we will start incorporating redux into an example app. We will explore in great detail what reducers, actions, hooks are and how to use them We will learn how to structure our redux store, and a few of its methods. And how to connect our react native component to the redux layer, where the business side of our application is handled. We will also move to more advanced topics like middleware and asynchronous actions.

All this following a hands on approach, by building a react native app, so you can better familiarise yourself with redux, and get a firm grasp of its inner workings. This course is focused on efficiency and simplicity, meaning that my main goal is to offer you the best learning experience by helping you understand the redux principles in the fastest and simplest way.

What’s in the course?

In general, here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

-Understand how to incorporate redux into your application so the structure of the code is easy to read and your state easier to manage.

-Deep dives into redux’s fundamentals: like reducers, actions, store.

-Learn how to work with hooks in redux.

-We will learn how to perform asynchronous actions.

-Learn what the store methods are and how to use them.

-Understand how to utilise redux middleware.

Who this course is for?

No matter if you are a beginner starting now or if you have already worked with react native and redux this course is for you. It can greatly benefit:

-Beginners who have little react native experience.

-Developers who want to deepen their knowledge in react native and the redux library.

-Anyone looking to level up in state management in react native.

-Everyone interested in learning about redux and how it works.

What you’ll learn

  • Deep dives into redux’s core features.
  • Learn how to work with reducers, actions, redux store.
  • Project driven learning.
  • Learn advanced features, like middleware.
  • Understand complex topics, like asynchronous actions.
  • And much more!

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