[FREE]Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Killer Sales Copy

Learn to create outstanding sales copy in less than an hour! In a writing workshop of just 43 minutes, this copywriting course walks you through the four key elements of writing powerful sales copy, divided into four sections:

  1. The copywriting brief, where you ask all the relevant questions for your sales copy
  2. The features and benefits part, which is the basis of your headline and body texts
  3. How to create attention-grabbing headlines
  4. How to create an irresistible call to action to seal the deal

The neatly packed tutorials show you STEP BY STEP how to get readers to take action with whatever it is you’re selling or promoting – a product, service, idea, business, or brand.

As promised, I’ve made it as short and sweet as possible, so that I won’t waste any of your valuable time: I’ll be brief and pithy, and we’ll dive straight in.

How is this course different? 

This course consists of 14 lectures, but I’m not going to do much lecturing.

Instead, we’re going to do a lot of writing together as that’s by far the best way for you to learn – nothing is as efficient as a hands-on training session where YOU get to try out these techniques yourself and see how they work.

That’s why this course is as close as it gets to a real writing workshop.

To break down this simple strategy, each lesson includes useful examples and exercises (all the worksheet documents are available both as PDF and RTF files). At the end of this class, we’ll draw all the key elements together by using a template included in the resources. And that’s how you get to create your own piece of sales copy, which can be an e-mail, a brochure, a sales page for your website – anything where compelling copy is needed.

And best of all: you can use and reuse this simple method as a starting point to write super-convincing copy whenever you need and get going faster than ever before.

How will you benefit?

The more you practise these techniques, the more confident, professional and powerful your writing becomes – that’s the simple truth. By putting the lessons into action you will see how this method will develop into a mindset and will eventually become an inherent part of your creative process.

When you start applying this quick and easy framework of the four key elements, it can make a huge difference in how efficient your writing is and how it gets the reader to do what you want them to do.

Who should take this class and why?

This class is ideal for beginners. If you’ve just started your own business and plan to do your own copy for your marketing materials but don’t quite know where to start, this course IS definitely for you.

And if you’re seriously planning to become a great copywriter, there are many excellent copywriting courses here that go more in depth, and I warmly recommend you to take as many classes as you possibly can – the amount of expertise in this community is over the top.

But sometimes getting started with something new may feel a bit overwhelming and even daunting, and that’s where this quick and compact class comes to help. And I’m here to help you overcome that insecurity and get started.

If you’ve been doing copywriting for some time already, this course is a great way for you to sharpen up your writing process and make it a whole lot easier.

And remember, even though this is a course about copywriting, it addresses some of the most cutting-edge principles that apply to persuasive writing in all its forms. “Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Killer Sales Copy” gives you the exact tools and techniques you need to get your words noticed in ANY kind of writing you do — whether it’s a blog article, a sales pitch to your potential new client, an email to your colleagues, a cover letter to a recruiter, a press release to catch a busy editor’s attention, or your whole website content from start to finish.

What students have said after taking this course?

Here are some of the 5-star reviews this course has received from a bunch of lovely students:

★★★★★ “After taking this class I feel empowered. The techniques give me a foundation to write sales copy for my business. Thank You”

★★★★★ “If you need a quick and easy-to-apply framework for writing persuasively, this course is for you.”

★★★★★ “It is really good and simple way to start writing Sales copy, A small business owner can write an effective sales copy in minutes.”

★★★★★  “The course was lovely. Direct, Informative and to the point. Glad I took it.”

★★★★★  “Excellent class for anyone interested in copywriting. This class has lots of useful tips for writing.”

★★★★★ “Gets gripping as we reach more than 60% of course. Its when we see dots joining and a masterpiece taking shape. Thank you for your simple ideas for powerful Copywriting.”

★★★★★ “The included resources were very helpful.”

★★★★★ “I like how it is straight to the point. She is a great teacher. I would buy Her lessons anytime. Thank you!”

★★★★★ “Copy writing was clearly a big mystery for me, since this course has really opened my eyes. I did’t realize that e.g. social media posts are copy writing. The teacher seemed professional and has a calm voice, which I like. I feel like this course gave me a lot more, than I first expected. Thank you!”

★★★★★ “Love your no-nonsense style and hands-on approach. Quick results for me! Thank you!”

★★★★★ “A great course for copywriting beginners and also for those in need of fresh ideas. A clearly structured step-by-step course with a lot of rehearsals for the student. Nice examples to enlighten every aspect of the key elements of copywriting. Highly recommended!”

★★★★★ “Very clear and understandable presentation. Good and informative examples. This is very useful course for anyone doing any writing works (for example articles, social media, web sites, …) Great class!”

★★★★★ “The instructor gave me some really good tools to get started in writing compelling ads”

So why not jump on board, too, and start seeing some immediate and spectacular results in your writing already today?

The simplest secret about copywriting?

In my opinion, that would be: 

You don’t have to try to learn everything about copywriting to start writing striking copy right away.

Like said, there are of course plenty of great copywriting courses out there (and many of them right here) that are very thorough in nature. You should definitely sign up for them if you have a lot of time in your hands and you really want to dig deeper into what copywriting actually is and how it works.

But what if you don’t have that much time and you really want to get started NOW?

If only there was someone who could tell you how to do it and just show you even the simplest techniques…

Well, guess what. I’m here for you – for that very purpose.

That’s why I’m sharing with you a very focused approach to the four vital ingredients of copywriting, which practically every copywriting course will touch upon.

But my approach is different in that I’m going to use just one company as my example client throughout this course, to illustrate how I plan and write my sales copy for them.

Do you need help with the assignments?

If there’s anything you’d like to ask about the lectures or the assignments, please let me know. You can either send me a direct message or use the QA section for any queries you might have – I’m here for you and ready to help every step of the way.

Ready to get started?

When you purchase this course, it’s yours for keeps. You are free from the pressure of having to complete it by a certain deadline: there is no expiration date for taking it. You can watch the videos and have a go at the writing assignments at your own pace, whenever it suits you best. Some students prefer to follow the course through in one swell swoop (as it’s only 43 minutes), but you can definitely slice it up into smaller bits if you like: maybe a few minutes at lunch break, or when you’ve put the kids to bed, or when you’re taking the bus home – just follow a routine that works best for you.

And if for any reason you feel like this course is not for you, after all, don’t worry: you have a full 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop and sharpen up your copywriting skills
  • How to get readers to take action
  • How to write sales copy that is pure dynamite
  • How to find the key message
  • How to speed up the writing process
  • How to structure your arguments so that every single sentence leads towards closing the sale

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