[FREE]The Complete ES6 and Typescript From Zero To Hero| Certified

The Main Goal Of This Course

The main goal of the course is that you learn not only the Typescript language features, but that you also learn how to use them in practice to build concrete programs. We will cover the benefits of type safety and how it helps us to write better programs.

Why Typescript?

We wouldn’t be surprised if Typescript get tremendous adoption by the enterprise in the next few years, and at the same time by the web development community. But there is something really unusual about Typescript.

This might have actually happened before maybe with Ruby on Rails, but its likely unique. With Angular and Typescript, we have one of those very rare situations when a framework is actually more popular than the language itself !

Angular has about the double of the search volume than Typescript, and what is stranger is the Angular trend curve is growing faster than Typescript as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Developers that are looking to keep current by learning the latest programming language of the web development world
  • Developers that want to learn how to build Angular programs, but want to start by learning Typescript first

What you’ll learn

  • Use Typescript with confidence in a full stack development context
  • Some Angular notions are needed to understand the last section of the course

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