[FREE]University entry level – Advanced Business (Highest Rated)

Seven reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You cannot lose – 30 day refund if you really really don’t like the course BUT if you DO like it:a. updated lecturesb. case studies based on very very current news itemsc. detailed responses to messagesd. I constantly attempt to have a ‘class atmosphere’ e.g. throwing questions open to alle. regular Announcements that are not disguised sales ploysf. regular FREE access to numerous other courses offered by me
  2. I am a lecturer/teacher in Economics and Business by trade i.e. I teach full-time for a living. I have been Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Economics. (Oxford, UK)  I have lectured in University, adult evening classes and also run over 50 seminars in the UK
  3. I am/have been an Examiner for FIVE different examination boards
  4. I have 100+ books on Amazon – many of them about business/economics
  5. The success of my students has been featured on the BBC, (just go to the BBC website and search my name) Daily Telegraph, The Times and I have been featured on TV in 2 countries.
  6. Schools take TWO years – I have had students pass after just 4 hours of lessons!
  7. I run training courses for Business Studies teachers (OSL Training)


I make courses on Udemy primarily because I enjoy the process of causing learning. Many of my courses are to improve lives. One of the Economics courses is to raise money for charity. (100% of revenue goes to the charity) Fundamentally this course here, is about helping you.

About the course

This is a 19 lecture course that, if followed, will give you a reasonable chance of picking up an A level – perhaps at a very high grade – in a short period of time. This is no empty boast – some of my students have passed at grade C and above after as little as 4 (yes…four!) hours of tuition. These 19 very very brief lectures provide you with the basics of covering a huge chunk of the A level course.

And all for a price way way below what you could spend on textbooks – never mind two years at school!

But you must a) have an interest in business b) be willing to learn from your surroundings c) keep yourself aware of business activities and d) ask questions!

The initial lecture encourages a shift of mindset. This is expanded on in lecture 7. By lecture 8 we are looking at past examination questions.

Remember, though, a lot of your learning will come as you go about your day to day activities – this course merely ‘primes’ you.

It has worked for others – and the evidence is there – so why not let it work for you?

Topics covered:

  • External environment (SLEPT)
  • Internal environment
  • Exam questions
  • Exam technique

What others say:

Grade A after only 4 weeks (schools take TWO YEARS) : BBC (full links in the course)

Passed the exam to go to university after only FOUR HOURS of tuition! – BBC (full links in the course)

Great lecturer, very structured and well presented material, extremely helpful in preparing for exams” – Elvira on Udemy

What you’ll learn

  • Stand a reasonable chance of passing an A level and going to university
  • Learn Business Studies less through a textbook and more through your surroundings
  • Take another subject at school instead of this and use this course instead!

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