Friday briefing: Boris Johnson trapped in No 10 | World news – The Guardian,

Friday briefing: Boris Johnson trapped in No 10 | World news – The Guardian,

Top story: EU 27 may hold back on extension

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Jeremy Corbyn appears poised toblock Boris Johnson’s offer of a pre-Christmas general electionby telling his MPs to abstain in Monday’s vote. The Labor leader underlined his pledge to back an early election when a no-deal Brexit scenario can be firmly ruled out. It is understood Corbyn will make a final decision once the EU 27 have confirmed what extension the UK will be offered.

Jeremy Corbyn: Labor will back general election if Johnson takes no-deal off the table – video

Johnson’s offer is to allow MPs to debate his EU withdrawal bill agreement until 6 November. He will ask them to vote in favor of this option on Monday with amotion under the Fixed Term Parliaments Actfor an early election. Changing Donald Trump, the PM said that if he won “we will then ratify the great new deal that I have negotiated, get Brexit done in January, and the country will move on.”

Because of Johnson’s election gambit, the EU maydelay its decision on an extension. Sources have said 26 countries are ready to grant an extension until 31 January but France wants to see the outcome of the vote on a general election first.

Lorry’s fateful journey –The 39 Chinese nationals found dead in a refrigerated lorry trailer in Essex werealready trapped when they arrived at the Belgian coasten route to England, authorities have said. Belgian officials said the eight women and 31 men would have been locked in the trailer at temperatures as low as – 25 C for at least 10 hours. The Zeebrugge port CEO said the trailer would have been sealed and not interfered with after it arrived, while the mayor of Bruges, Dirk de Fauw, said: “[To] break the seal, bring 39 people onboard and apply a new seal without being noticed, that chance is extremely small. ”Chinese migrants hoping to reach the UK can typically pay smugglers anything up to £ 14, 000 andmay then find themselves in debt bondage, according to experts who work with them . We have reconstructed the journey of the trailer from Zeebrugge, the tractor unit from Dublin, some of the companies involved in their passage andhow they came together in Purfleetbefore authorities were alerted to the bodies inside. Police secured an additional 24 hours to question the driver and hisparents were brought from Northern Ireland to see him.

End to gazumping? –A scheme requiring a homebuyer or seller topay compensation for pulling out of a salewithout good reason is to be trialled next year. Between a quarter and a third of all house sales fall through, resulting in stress and the losses for parties involved add up to hundreds of millions of pounds. Acceptable reasons, writes Rupert Neate, might include a bereavement, losing your job or an inability to obtain a mortgage. Unacceptable reasons might be a change of mind, the buyer lowering their offer at the last minute or, similarly, the buyer accepting a higher offer. Some estate agents are already using the “reservation agreements”.

Exclusions ‘fuel knife crime’ –All-party MPs and peers have warned the government that being expelled from school can be thetipping point for a young person to take up a knife. One young person told the group that being kicked out meant “I’ve got time on my hands to do more crime, commit more crime… [with my friends] who are also carrying knives”. The parliamentarians ’report calls for schools to be given the funding to support vulnerable children, with a focus on prevention and early intervention. In 2017 / 18 there were 7, 900 permanent exclusions from schools in England – a (% increase since) / 13. At the same time, there has been a “worrying” rise in youth knife crime with more than 17, 500 boys aged 14 in England and Wales carrying one.

Trump sows more Syria chaos –In a reversal of Donald Trump’s order to withdraw all troops from Syria, the US is reportedly planning to deploy tanks and other heavy military hardware to protect oilfields in the country east . The most likely destination for US armored units is a Conoco gas plant near the city of Deir Ezzor. Julian Borger writes that it is likely to requiremore troops than the roughly 1, 000 whom the president promised he was “bringing home”by letting Turkey invade Kurdish-held territory. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, isforcing Kurds out of north- eastern Syriaand wants to resettle it with Syrian Arab refugees. The mass demographic change – carried out at the barrel of a gun – risks prolonging Syria’s conflict indefinitely, says Jan Egeland, the UN’s former humanitarian chief: “We need to remind all of these people with the power and the guns that this is no chessboard . It is a place where people live. ”

Wind could power world –Wind turbines on the world’s best offshore sites could provide more than enough clean energy to meet global electricity demand, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has calculated. The detailed analysis says that if windfarms are built across all useable sites no further than 37 miles off the coast, and where coastal waters are no deeper than 60 meters, they couldgenerate 36 , 000 terrawatt hours of renewable electricity a year. Current global demand is 23, 000 terrawatt hours. Offshore wind would not only contribute to generating clean electricity, but that electricity could also be used to produce hydrogen to replace fossil fuels. In the North Sea, energy companies are already planning to use electricity from giant offshore windfarms to turn seawater into hydrogen and pump it to shore.

Today in Focus podcast: Brothers torn apart

Among the refugees from the nine-year war in Syria were five brothers from the south-western city of Dara’a, where the uprising against the Assad regime began. They are now dispersed across five countries – Michael Safi tells Anushka Asthana how heset out to track them down. And as Boris Johnson pushes for an election, the Labor MP Lisa Nandy argues it is time for her colleagues to put aside their differences and vote for an amended version of the PM’s Brexit deal.

Today in Focus

Brothers torn apart

Sorry your browser does not support audio – but you can download here and listen / 10 / 24 – 65694 – 911025 TIF_5brothers.mp3

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Lunchtime read: Why do people hate vegans so much?

One vegan-baiter ate a squirrel and, later, a pig’s head in front of them, while brandishing the slogan “Veganism=Malnutrition”. A NatWest customer seeking a loan was told “all vegans should be punched in the face”. A charge commonly laid against vegans is that they relish their status as victims, but research suggests they have earned it.

In 2015 a study observed that vegetarians and vegans in western society – and vegans in particular – experience discrimination and bias on a par with ethnic and religious minorities. George Reynolds writes that recent displays of enmity towards vegans represent a “puzzling escalation in hostilities, just as a consensus is starting to form that eating less meat would almost certainly bebetter for everyone – and the Earth” .


Eddie Jones has urged England toknock New Zealand off their perchand replace them as the dominant force in world rugby, calling on his players to “change history” in Saturday’s World Cup semi-final. Liam Williams has beenruled out of the tournamentand will miss Wales’s clash with South Africa after the full-back picked up an ankle injury in training. Two goals from Pépé gave Arsenala 3-2 Europa League victoryafter they had trailed 2-1 at home to Vitória Guimarães. Elsewhere,Manchester United beat Partizan Belgrade 1-0thanks to Anthony Martial’s first-half penalty andCeltic beat Lazio 2-1but had to wait until the 89 th minute for Christopher Jullien to score the winner.

Anfield will host a Women’s Super League gamefor the first time next month – and making the occasion particularly special, the fixture will be the Merseyside derby. Lewis Hamilton hasrobustly defended his environmental concerns, having received strident criticism for recent posts on Instagram. Kane Williamson’s reunion with England has been delayed after the New Zealand captain wasruled out of the Twenty (series) with a hip problem. And theHouston Astroshave fired assistant general manager Brandon Taubman following an investigation into (a clubhouse outburst directed toward a group of female reporters) .


Asian shares have been mixed, after Wall Street indexes posted modest gains, cheered by solid profits and forecasts from US technology companies. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 inched up less than 0.1% in morning trading to 22, 747. 98. Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 gained 0.6% to 6, 734. 40. South Korea’s Kospi was little changed, inching down to 2, 085. 45. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng dipped 0.5% to 26, 674. 40, while the Shanghai Composite slipped 0.5% to 2, 925. 55. The FTSE is a shade higher ahead of the opening and a pound is worth $ 1. 284 or € 1. 156 at time of writing.

The Papers

Election speculation hangs in the air and on the front pages of most of the papers, including theGuardian: “Johnson tells MPs: back my December 12 election bid ”, theTelegraph: “End this nightmare, Johnson tells Corbyn”, the (FT) *************************: “Johnson challenges Corbyn to end deadlock with December election ”, theTimes: “Labor in chaos over election bid by Johnson” and thei: “Christmas election stand-off”.

TheMirrorhas: “Snakehead gang hunted”, with a report that Chinese gangsters are feared to be behind the death of the 39 people found dead in a lorry in Essex. TheExpresshas: “Thank you for saving our lives”, with the news that NHS England has agreed a deal with producer of a drug for cystic fibrosis after a long campaign.

TheMailis also celebrating victorious results of campaigns, a new MMR vaccine plan and the climbdown from Barclays over its plans to stop letting customers withdraw cash at post offices, with the headline: “The day you made your voice heard ”.

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