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General election 2019: Corbyn to launch Labor's 'manifesto of hope' – live news – The Guardian,

Sajid Javid, the Chancellor, is on BBC Breakfast elaborating on the Tories’ plans to raise the threshold which lower earners begin to pay national insurance contributions.

A Conservative-majority government would cut taxes for working people by raising the national insurance to £ 9, 500 in the first year, before seeking to raise it to £ 12, 500 throughout their possible term in office. The current threshold is £ 8, 632.

We’ve shown this since we’ve been back in office, that hard working people should be able to keep more of their hard earned cash.

Questioned overBoris Johnson‘s claim that the initial threshold rise would immediately put £ 500 in every person’s pocket, Javid restated the policy without directly responding before he was pressed further.

We’ve been very clear, as soon as the prime minister had finished answering a very straightforward answer to a very good question from a young woman in Teesside where he was at the business, he set out what the plans were and since then we’ve set out in far more detail how it is going to work.

Once the threshold reaches £ 12, 500, people will be saving £ 500 each – but that figure only remains an intention at this stage.

Johnson was in Teesside yesterday, where he appeared to disclose details about the policy prematurely.

George Parker(@ GeorgeWParker)

In a Teesside fabrication yard@ BorisJohnsonmay have just blurted out big manifesto offer to raise NI threshold to £ 12, 000. PM TV interviews delayed as Tory officials decide what to do

November 20, 2019


The PM may selling this election as all about Brexit, but the apparently marginal issue of animal rights could yet prove surprisingly influential,writes the Guardian’s Patrick Barkham.

While Extinction Rebellion and the youth climate strikes have turned the climate crisis into a popular priority, Barkham says the Conservatives hope to harvest this sentiment by championing animals, after former environment secretary Michael Gove demonstrated how animal welfare action such asthe ban on all ivory tradewere financially painless “easy wins”.

YouGov polling commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports has found that strengthening the 2004 Hunting Act to prevent the killing of foxes via trail hunting has the support of not only 89% of potential Labor voters but also 68% ofConservativesand 71% of Brexit party supporters.

So don’t rule out a pivot towards animal rights … possibly partly inspired by the PM’s partner, Carrie Symonds, who has worked for international charity Oceana, championed anti-whaling causes, and who also made a surprise appearance at this summer’s Birdfair, dubbed “the conservationists’ Glastonbury”.

In case you missed it, Jo Swinson launched the Liberal Democrat’s election manifesto yesterday. You cancatch up on the key policies here, including:

    revoking article 50

  • education promises including more childcare for working parents
  • a £ 7bn education cash injection into the NHS raised through a 1p increase on income tax
  • a £ 130 bn infrastructure investment in public transport

You can read the Guardian’s fact check on the party’s claim that therewill be a £ 50 bn “remain bonus”from revoking Brexit.

Jo Swinson launched the Lib Dem’s manifesto in London.
Jo Swinson launched the Lib Dem’s manifesto in London. Photograph: Hannah McKay / Reuters

As usual you can read plenty of Guardian opinion pieces today, including Owen Jones on why Jeremy Corbyn must convince voters under 40 that Labor’s manifestois worth voting for, or Johnson will triumph.

There’s also (Martin Kettle) on why it’s time for tactical voting in this election. He says it is right for voters to cast their ballot for the candidate with the best chance of beating the Conservatives: “This is not a time for political piety, prissiness or pride. It’s about facing the Brexit danger – and taking the one real chance of preventing it. ”

The Conservatives haven’t officially unveiled their manifesto yet, but Boris Johnsonlet a fairly large cat out of the bag yesterdaywhen he revealed plans to raise the threshold at which people start paying National Insurance contributions from £ 8, (a year to £ 9, 500 – eventually rising to £ 12, 500.

And the party pushing this policy this morning, tweeting in the past hour about the PM’s support for people on low and middle incomes being able to “keep more of their hard-earned money”.

Conservatives(@ Conservatives)


“I want people on low- and middle-incomes to keep more of their hard-earned money. It’s only because we will get Brexit done and end the uncertainty that we can afford to cut taxes for hard-working taxpayers. “-@ BorisJohnson# VoteConservative

(November) , 2019

Back to housing and theConservativesdivulge plans to build 1m extra homes over the next five years today, as well as outline measures to make it easier for renters to buy. We’ll bring you more details on that later.

Boris Johnson spoke to workers during a visit to Wilton Engineering Services, part of a General Election campaign trail stop in Middlesbrough on Wednesday.
Boris Johnson spoke to workers during a visit to Wilton Engineering Services, part of a General Election campaign trail stop in Middlesbrough on Wednesday. Photograph: Frank Augstein / AP

What else is happening today?

Apart from Labor’s manifesto Launch,Boris Johnsonis expected to be campaigning in Bedfordshire.

And not election-related but still on politics, the former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond is due to appear in court on a series of sexual assault and attempted rape charges. According to Press Association, the preliminary hearing is to take place at the High Court in Edinburgh. Salmond, 64, has previously denied the allegations and said he will defend himself “To the utmost” in court.

Good morning and welcome to all things politics for today. I’m Alison Rourke and I will be guiding you through the first hour or so of today’s coverage. So let’s get into it.

The big set-piece event of the day is Jeremy Corbyn launching Labour’s manifesto in Birmingham this morning. Its centerpiece is the party’sbig promise on social housing… to the tune of £ 75 bn in a promise to “build for the many”.

Corbyn will pledge to be “on your side”, including promising to build 100, 000 council houses a year and 50, 000 social homes through housing associations by the end of its first term. That’s a massive jump from the 6, 287 council homes built in 2018 – 19.

No doubt Labor hopes this pitchwill appeal to the almost 1.6m families raising children in rented homes.

And how will the pledge it be paid for? The money is earmarked to come out of the recently announced £ 150 bn “social transformation fund”.

You can see the Guardian’s fact check on whetherthe numbers stack up here.

(Not to be outdone on housing, the Tories will announce their “fairer deal for renters” today, so stay tuned for that.)

Another big set piece in the manifesto is Labor’s promise to create amillion green jobsto tackle the climate crisis. New jobs will be promised in insulation upgrade projects, offshore wind and carbon capture developments. As the Guardian’s Kate Proctor writes: “The focus on tackling climate change while also supporting mass job creation is likely to be a resolution of tension between ambitious de-carbonisation targets set by Labor activists at the autumn party conference and union concerns about job losses. ”

Jeremy Corbyn will launch Labour’s election manifesto in Birmingham this morning.
Jeremy Corbyn will launch Labor’s election manifesto in Birmingham this morning. Photograph: Sean Smith / The Guardian

According to the Press Association, the manifesto will also include plans to renationalize key utilities, following a pledge to take part of BT into public ownership to deliver free full- fiber broadband for all, as well as promises to significantly boost NHS spending.

So stay tuned for a day of announcements.


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