General election 2019: Corbyn vows to take on wealthy elite as he launches Labor's 'manifesto of hope' – live news – The Guardian, Google News

It’s time to bring a divided country together so we can get on with delivering the real change Britain needs.

To drive that change we will unleash a record investment blitz, getting the economy moving in every corner of our country.

This is about the jobs at the end of your road.

It’s about breathing new life into your area. Reviving your high street.

Our investment blitz will upgrade our national infrastructure in every region and nation, and rebuild our schools, hospitals, care homes and housing.

Investment on a scale you have never known in every town, city and region.

And we’ll boost the devolved budgets, allowing the WelshLaborgovernment to build on its success with huge new projects like the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, and putting an extra £ 100 billion into Scotland to boost the Scottish economy, secure the future of industry and properly fund our public services.

Labor will transform our economy so that no one is held back, and no community is neglected.

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