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General election 2019: Labor says its 'extend free movement' conference motion misinterpreted – live news – The Guardian, Google News

Here is some footage ofJeremy Corbynbeing confronted by a heckler at a meeting in Dundee. (See10. 53 am.)According to the Press Association, the heckler later identified himself asBob Costello, a former SNP activist.

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BREAKING: Heated exchanges between@ jeremycorbynand a supporter over# Brexitsees a man removed from@ UKLabour# Dundeeevent.# GE

November 14, 2019

It is often assumed that being heckled reflect badly on a politician, but it is hard to watch this and think that Costello emerges with much credit. “Is this democracy?” He shouted at one point, during his prolonged interruption of proceeding. Corbyn replied:


The democracy is that we have a public meeting where we conduct it in a reasonable manner, and those who wish to say something at the end are of course free to do so. Democracy is not when you interrupt somebody when they are speaking.


Swinson says she opposes Scottish independence for same reason she opposes Brexit

The Lib Dem leader,Jo Swinson,has pledged to revoke article 50 on day one of her premiership if she is elected to Number 10. Speaking to the PA news agency on a visit to the Guru Nanak Sikh temple in Glasgow, she said:


TheLiberal Democratshave been very clear – we want to remain in the European Union.

We are an internationalist party and so a Liberal Democrat majority government would revoke article 50 on day one.

She also stressed her opposition to a second referendum on Scottish independence.


I wantScotlandto stay in the United Kingdom for very much the same reasons I want the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union.

We work better when we are closely together with our nearest neighbors, where we share values ​​and we share economic interests.

So I want Scotland to stay in the UK, I do not want another independence referendum, Liberal Democrats will not support indyref2.

Jo Swinson (left) during a visit to the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Glasgow.
Jo Swinson (left) during a visit to the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Glasgow. Photograph: Jane Barlow / PA

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Farage claims Tories involved in ‘disgraceful’ attempts to persuade Brexit party candidates to stand down

Here is the full quote fromNigel Faragealleging that Tories have been using underhand methods to try to persuade Brexit party candidates to stand down. He did not give any specific examples, and he did not say where this was happening, or who was responsible, but it was clear that he was claiming that this pressure was coming fromConservatives.

Farage said:


What is going on right now is nothing short of disgraceful. There is a full-scale attempt, going on out there as I speak, to stop men and women, freely, putting themselves up before the UK electorate. You would have thought this was Venezuela.

And that is what is happening. Our people, men and women – much like these on the platform here – who put themselves forward are now coming under relentless phone calls, email and abuse, and being told they must stand down. That is happening in 21 st Britain. I think that is a complete and utter disgrace.

Nigel Farage speaking to Brexit party supporters at Ionians RUFC in Hull.
Nigel Farage speaking to Brexit party supporters at Ionians RUFC in Hull. Photograph: Danny Lawson / PA


Sturgeon accuses Corbyn of ‘desperate stuff’ as he accuses SNP of being willing to keep Tories in power

Severin Carrell

The battle for Scotland’s anti-Tory vote betweenJeremy CorbynandNicola Sturgeonbecame bitter and personal on Wednesday evening after theLaborleader accused Sturgeon of “being willing to usher in another heartless Conservative government”.

The two clashed on Twitter after Corbyn’s two-day campaigning visit to Scotland got off to a rocky start,when he had tied himself in knots over Labor’s referendum policy.

He first ruled out backing one for a full five-year term, before retracting that after being corrected by his aides to say Labor would not support one for the first few years. He simultaneously rejected Sturgeon’s calls for a “progressive alliance” to defeat the Tories, insisting it was “their choice” whether to back Labor or allow the Tories to regain power.

Sturgeon retorted that Scottish National party MPs would only support a minority Labor government if it allowed Holyrood to stage a fresh independence referendum at a time of its choosing. Sturgeon wants one next year.

Corbyn retaliated by tweeting back footage from 1979, when SNP support for a vote of no confidence helped topple James Callaghan’s Labor government, allowing Margaret Thatcher to win her first general election and heralding 18 years of Tory government.

Jeremy Corbyn(@ jeremycorbyn)

Nicola Sturgeon has just said this about me:

“I won’t help him in power, to get into power, to stay in power. ”

Just like in 1979,@ theSNPare willing to usher in another heartless Conservative government.

(November) , 2019

The SNP leader hit back by accusing Corbyn of “desperate stuff” , pointing out she was in primary school in 1979.

Nicola Sturgeon(@ NicolaSturgeon)

Desperate stuff from Labor – I was in primary school in 1979. I’ll never support Tories in power. But Labor would have big questions to answer if they gave up a chance at UK government in order to block Scotland’s right to choose our own future.https: //

November 13, 2019

The SNP had tabled a no-confidence motion after Callaghan’s government decided not to introduce devolution toScotlandas the 1979 devolution referendum required 40% of all Scotland’s voters to say yes. After a low turnout, that threshold was not met.

With backing too from the Liberal party, Thatcher tabled an early day motion stating the house had no confidence in Callaghan’s government which went to a vote. Along with unionist MPs from Northern Ireland, the SNP’s 11 MPs voted against Labor, which lost the motion by one vote.

Those events are engrained in Labor folklore as proof of the SNP’s dishonesty about opposing the Tories. With the polls showing Labor support as low as 12% in Scotland, they face another wipeout on 12 December and are desperately trying to mobilize disillusioned and apathetic Labor voters.

Scottish Labor’s Facebook page featuresfilmof Ian Lavery, the party chairman and a former National Union of Mineworkers president, insisting a minority Labor government would challenge the SNP to vote down its budget, including £ 70 bn extra spending for Scotland, rather than agree a deal.

He concluded: “Let the SNP decide whether they want to accept that or not. Let them decide whether they want to stick their fingers up at the Scottish people. ”

Nicola Sturgeon posing for a selfie in Edinburgh yesterday.
Nicola Sturgeon posing for a selfie in Edinburgh yesterday.
Photograph: Ken Jack / Getty Images


Farage says in September he offered to work with the Tories on a “leave alliance”. That could win an 80 or 100 – seat majority. But the Tories were not interested, he says.

He claims this shows the Tories are putting party before country.


Here is one of the Farage quotes.

Nick Gutteridge(@ nick_gutteridge)

Farage says BXP candidates are coming under ‘relentless phone calls, emails and abuse’ to stand down. ‘There’s a full scale attempt to stop men and women freely putting themselves up before the UK electorate. You would’ve thought this was Venezuela. A complete & utter disgrace. ‘

(November) , 2019

Farage says if his candidates get to Westminster they will not be “good little boys and girls”. They will fight forBrexit.

He cannot understand why people think it makes sense for the UK to be shackled to 15% of the world economy, he says.

Farage says the Tories have not been grateful for his decision not to stand candidates in Tory-held seats.

Instead, all that the party has had from the Tories has been “wall to wall abuse”, he says.

And he claims something “disgraceful” is happening that the audience do not know about.Brexit partycandidates are coming under relentless pressure to stand down . They are getting phone calls, emails and abuse, he says.


Farage claims, again, that (Boris Johnson) signalled a “marked change of direction” in a video he posted on Twitter on Sunday about Brexit.

(Actually, he didn’t.)

Farage says he would be happy with a Canada-style trade deal, or a no-deal (Brexit) . Under either option, the UK would not be bound by EU laws.

Farage says the audience probably used to think they lived in a 21 st century democracy. But all the promises made by politicians have not been delivered, he says.

He claims Labor think people did not know what they voted for.Laborwants people to do it all again.

Labor is treating voters with contempt, he says.

In May the highestBrexit partyvote came in areas with the most Labor MPs, he says. He says Labor is now more about Hoxton than Hull.

In Labor areas there is no enthusiasm forJeremy Corbyn, he says. He claims many Labor voters will stay at home. That gives the Brexit party a phenomenal opportunity, he claims.

Nigel Farage speaks at Brexit party event

Nigel Farageis speaking at theBrexit partyevent.

He is in Hull, and he says this isBrexitcountry.

He says the Brexit party reset the political agenda when it was set up earlier this year. Its success in the European elections led to the removal of Theresa May as prime minister, he claims.

He welcomes Michelle Dewberry to the party.


At theBrexit partyeventMichelle Dewberryis speaking now. A former winner of the TV reality show The Apprentice, Dewberry is the Brexit party’s candidate in Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle.

Maybe this is the “big announcement” the party promised earlier. (See10. 15 am.)

Dewberry stood as an independent, pro-Brexit candidate in the same constituency in 2017.

She says in this campaign it seems as though wanting to speak up for the north has become trendy. But for years the north has been neglected by Westminster, she says.

She saysBrexitwill allow the UK to decide how the country should be run. There should be deeper devolution, she says. She says she is tired of having the north treated “as an afterthought”. This has to stop, she says.

She says politics is broken. There has been a lot of talk of tactical voting. That shows the system does not work. Parliament should truly reflect the desires of the people. First-past-the-post does not achieve that.

She says the Brexit party wants constitutional reform.

She also rejects the claim that by standing in Hull West and Hessle (a seatLaborheld in 2017 with a majority of 8,0 25) she is splitting the pro-Brexit vote. Every person can use their vote way they wish, she says.


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