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General Election 2019 latest news: Brexit election race gets personal as Nigel Farage accuses No10 of dirty – The Sun,

BREXIT Party boss Nigel Farage has accused the Tories of ‘dirty tricks’ and threatened to call the police over claims a number of his candidates were offered peerages and top jobs to withdraw from next month’s general election at the last minute.

The row comes as the Brexit parties’ candidate lists were finally announced with polling day now less than four weeks away.

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  • Alex Matthews 's avatarAlex Matthews(4 minutes ago) *************(November) , 2019


    Boris Johnson has called reports that Nigel Farage will be offered a peerage if he steps aside his Brexit Party candidates in the election “nonsense”.

    Mr Farage has claimed the PM triied to bribe him with a peerage before standing down more than 300 Brexit Party candidates from Tory-held seats in next month’s general election.

    But Mr Johnson told BBC Radio 5 Live: “What is this nonsense?

    “I am sure there are conversations that take place between all parties.

    “But certainly no one has been offered a peerage.

    “The Conservative Party doesn’t do deals of this kind, it’s just not the way we operate.

    “I think that will be pretty obvious from what has happened. We’ve made no undertakings. ”

  • Alex Matthews 's avatarAlex Matthews9 minutes ago(November) , 2019


    Boris Johnson told BBC Radio 5 Live he is “not 100% behind ”HS2 rail project because the“ costs are very, very high ” .

    But he adds that when it comes to cancelling big infrastructure projects: “I really do hesitate… that’s my instinct.”

  • Alex Matthews 's avatarAlex Matthews39 minutes agoNovember 15, 2019


    Boris’ tea-making technique also came under scrutiny from BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty this morning.

    While he was grilled over how “relatable” he was to average Brits – Ms Munchetty pointed out he left the teabag in his cup when making a brew in a Tory election video.

    The move caused quite astir online with many criticizing the PM’s technique.

    But Boris said: “Why does everybody object to that, why does everybody object to leaving the teabag in – it’s delicious.

    “It’s better to stew.”

    People could be more divided on this than Brexit.

  • Alex Matthews 's avatarAlex Matthews1 hour agoNovember 15, 2019


    Boris Johnson tells BBC Breakfast that he last went to hospital for treatment after cutting his foot on a broken cafetiere at a BBQ last year.

    He was jumping up and down to the music, apparently.

    I hate it when that happens.

  • Alex Matthews 's avatarAlex Matthews(1 hour ago) *************(November) , 2019


    Boris Johnson has said the government will have “bags of time?” To a new UK-EU trade deal by the end of 2020.

    The PM told BBC Breakfast it “broke his heart” that the last Brexit deadline was extended but if the Tories win a majority then he can “absolutely guarantee” the next one will be met.

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