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General Election 2019 LIVE: Boris Johnson sings wheels on the bus and can’t find Wally on campaign trail – The Sun,


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  • BORIS Johnson sang songs, failed in a Where’s Wally? search and corrected a pupil who shouted “boobies” when looking at a picture of the Incredible Hulk, as his election campaign arrived in the South West.

    This comes just hours after thePrime Ministerpromised to cut immigration to the UK after Brexit if he wins the general election on December 12.

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    • Alahna Kindred 's avatarAlahna Kindred3 hours agoNovember 14, 2019


      Labor has promised to give every home and business in the UK free full-fiber broadband by 2030, if they win the keys to No 10.

      The party plans to nationalize part of BY and introduce a tax on the tech giants to cover the enormous £ 20 BN COST.

      Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told theBBC:“It’s visionary I accept that, but other countries are having these visions and we’re not.”

    • Alahna Kindred 's avatarAlahna Kindred(4 hours ago) *************(November) , 2019


      Nigel Farage hasthreatened to report the Conservative Partyto police after he accused No 10 of sabotage .

      It comes after two Brexit Party candidates abandoned their fight for the election.

      The Brexit Party leader accused Boris Johnson of offering his MP hopefuls peerages and Government jobs in exchange for standing down.

      No 10 sources hae rubbished the claims as “b ****** s”.

      It comes after Rupert Lowe, who was hoping to stand for Dudley North and Andy Wood, due to fight for Hove, pulled out of the race just before the 4pm nomination deadline.

      Their late move means that Mr Farage is now not allowed to replace them in time.

    • Alahna Kindred 's avatarAlahna Kindred4 hours ago(November) ,


      Joanna Lumley is among 24 stars and figures to warn that electing the Labor leader would mean giving up the fight against anti-Semitism.

      Thebombshell letter,which was published inThe Guardian, reads: ”To ignore it [anti-Semitism] because Brexit looms larger is to declare that anti-Jewish prejudice is a price worth paying for a Labor government. Which other community’s concerns are disposable in this way? Who would be next?

      “Opposition to racism cannot include surrender in the fight againstAnti-Semitism.

      “Yet that is what it would mean to back Labor and endorseMr Corbynfor Downing Street. ”

      It does not go on to endorse any other parties.

    • Alahna Kindred 's avatarAlahna Kindred(6 hours ago) ************* () ************ (November) , 2019


      Britons are more likely to identify as a Leaver or Remainer than with a political party, a YouGov poll has found.

      About 86 per cent of Brits polled said they think of themselves as a Leaver or Remainer while 68 per cent said they identify with a party.

      When it comes boiled down between strength of identity between Remain and Leave, a massive 90 per cent identify strongly with their Brexit preference.

      62 per cent of Leavers and 58 per cent of Remainers identify very strongly with their chosen position.

      YouGov released this poll today after 3, 226 adults were questioned between November 7 and 11.

    • Alahna Kindred 's avatarAlahna Kindred(7 hours ago) ************* (November) , 2019

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