Thursday , May 6 2021

General election 2019 results live: Corbyn confirms he'll resign amid labor disaster –,

Boris Johnson has said the Conservatives have pulled off an “earthquake” as the Tories win a majority.

Jeremy Corbynconfirmed he will resign before the next electionyet insisted his policies were vote-winners – despite an outpouring of fury asseat-losing Ruth Smeeth said he’d made a labor “the racist party”.

It is the worst result for the Labor party since

The Tories were predicted to win an – seat majority – their best result since Margaret Thatcher i n 2015 –in an exit pollthat predicted they’d get 510 seats. Labor was set to win 201.

Former mining community Blyth Valley, Labor since (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************, fell to the Tories before midnightas Labor heartlands for generations fell away to blue rule including Leigh, Workington and Wrexham.

AsStormzy led celeb reaction to the “dark day for minorities”,even long-term ally Jon Lansmansuggested Mr Corbyn would not “overstay his welcome “.

Meanwhile Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinsonlost her seat to the SNP while B oris Johnsonkept his with an increased majority despite an ‘unseat’ campaign.


gained Putney in London from the Toriesin a rare piece of good news and held once-Tory Canterbury as the election split into a tale of London and the home counties versus the rest of the UK.

Tory ministerZac Goldsmith lost his seatto the Lib Dems but despite a massive unseat campaign,Tory welfare slasher Iain Duncan Smithand Brexiteer Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab kept their seats.

See ourhour-by-hour guide to results times and seats to watch.We will also have a complete set of results so far as they appearhere.

Follow live updates through the night below.

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