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General election: Corbyn heckled over position on second Scottish independence vote – Sky News, Google News


Jeremy Corbyn has been heckled on the campaign trail in Scotland by a supporter of a second independence referendum.

Mr Corbynwas making a speech in Dundee when one of the audience members – a former SNP member – stood up and demanded to ask questions about his position on a second vote.

Bob Costello said he had left the SNP because he didn’t think it was “wholeheartedly for independence”.

The Labor leaderrowed back quickly yesterday, having said there would not be a second vote in the first term of a Labor government, to just suggesting it wouldn ‘t be in “the early years”.


Mr Costello is a former SNP activist who left the party


Image:        Mr Costello is a former SNP activist who left the party      



Mr Costello was escorted out


Image:        Mr Costello was escorted out      

The heckler asked Mr Corbyn what he would do about the “will of the Scottish people”.

When he asked him to keep his questions until the end, the man shouted: “Is this democracy?”

Mr Corbyn said: “The democracy is that we have a public meeting where we conduct it in a reasonable manner, and those who wish to say something at the end are of course free to do so.

“Democracy is not when you interrupt somebody when they are speaking.”


Bob Costello was shown out  of the event


Image:        Mr Costello was shown out of the event      

The heckler managed to continue: “I’m interested to know what you’re going to do about the will of the Scottish people with regards to Article 30. “

He was eventually ejected from the room, and Mr Corbyn received cheers and applause from the audience.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Costello, 72, said: “Corbyn being Corbyn he changed his mind each hour. Yesterday he changed his mind about three times.

” I left the SNP in 2016 because I didn’t believe they were wholeheartedly for independence. “

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Mr Corbyn will be in Scotland again today, while Boris Johnson is in the South West.

While Mr Johnson may not face many tough face-to-face questions as he visits schools in Taunton, there are crowds of protesters outside from Labor and the Liberal Democrats.


Boris Johnson during a visit to West Monkton CEVC Primary School in Bathpool, Taunton, Somerset


Image:        Boris Johnson visited a school in Taunton, Somerset      



Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to West Monkton CEVC Primary School in Bathpool, Taunton, Somerset, whilst General Election campaigning in the South West.


Image:        It went to script inside the classroom, but there are some protests outside the school      

There were chants of “Boris out” as he met teachers and tried to find Wally in a Where’s Wally book.

Another person shouted “keep the oil in the soil”.

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