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General election: Johnson to tell CBI Brexit must happen even though 'big business' didn't want it – live news – The Guardian,

Corbyn claims the PM wants to hand over parts of the NHS to American companies under a trade deal with the US. He claims that this could lead to £ 500 ma week handed over to US drug companies.Laborwould legislate to stop this, he says.

(The £ 500 m per week figure is not particularly plausible, because it is an extreme, worst-case scenario. This Channel 4 NewsFactCheckexplains why.)

Corbyn saysLaborwill ask big businesses to pay their fair share of tax.

And some services will be brought back into public ownership.

But this is normal in many parts of Europe, he says.


Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to CBI

Jeremy Corbyn

is addressing the CBI now.

He starts by saying that, ifLaboris elected, it will see more infrastructure being built than it has ever dreamt of.

And he says small businesses will benefit from Labor plans to ensure that suppliers have their invoices paid on time.

Jeremy Corbynis due to address the CBI, but there is a problem with the autocue.

Christopher Hope(@ christopherhope)

Slight delay while a second autocue is rigged up for the Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn# CBI 2019# GE 2019

November 18, 2019

Boris Johnson’s decision to abandon planned corporation tax cut – Snap analysis

The business tax cuts announced by the Conservative party overnight (see11. 02 am)did not have a price tag attached, but they all seemed to involve a relatively small outlay from the exchequer. By comparison, the decision to abandon the proposed corporation tax cut does seem to amount to a big ticket spending announcement. Boris Johnson said it would raise £ 6bn for the NHS. It may be one of the biggest Tory election announcements we’ve had so far.

It is not hard to see why Johnson announced this, or even why he opted for the £ 6bn figure. This is the exact figure announced by Labor last week whenit announced its own spending increase for the NHS.Here is an extract from the notes from the Labor press notice issued at the time. (Bold type in original.)

Labor’s funding plan would deliver:A real terms increase of £ 26 BN (£ 40 bn in cash terms) from 2018 – 19 to 2023 – 24 – the period over which theConservativespromised £ 20 bn more.

In other words, Johnson has neutralized theLaborbid to outspend the Tories on the NHS.

(At least, he has if his figures are accurate – at the moment we have had no detail of what is is proposing.)

In one sense this is a win for Labor; it shows thatJeremy Corbynhas been setting the agenda, and he just justifiably argue that this means the opposition is changing the policy of the governing parties.

But in campaign terms, this is a setback for Corbyn. At least one element of his distinctive pitch on the NHS has now been eliminated – even though there are still plenty of other differences been Labor and Tory health policy. (Spending totals aren’t everything.)


Johnson promises to keep Sajid Javid as chancellor if he wins election

Q: The CBI think you are wrong about how long it will take to negotiate a trade deal and about immigration. Are they wrong?

Johnson says he has a deal that will protect the needs of business and industry.

On immigration, he favors immigration. But you must have democratic control. An Australian-style points system would be of great value in showing people that the UK does have control of the system.

Q: Did you share the incredulity of the rest of the UK about Prince Andrew’s interview?

Johnson says he does not want to be drawn into commentary about that.

Q: If you win the election, will you keep Sajid Javid as chancellor?

Johnson says he will. He says Javid is doing a fantastic job.

  • Johnson promises to keep Sajid Javid as chancellor if he wins election.


Johnson’s Q&A

Johnson is now taking questions.

Q: To get (Brexit) done, you will have to get a deal by next June, or delay the transition?

Johnson claims that people said he would not be able to change the withdrawal agreement. But he did get it changed.

He says the UK and the EU are already “in a state of grace” on tariffs and regulatory alignment. They are off to a flying start. He does not see why the trade deal cannot be negotiated next year.

Q: Will you encourage the Duke of York to cooperate with the US inquiry into Jeffrey Epstein?

Nice try, says Johnson.

Boris Johnson says Tories will cancel planned corporation tax cut to free up £ 6bn for NHS

And Johnson adds a new announcement.

  • Johnson says the Tories would postpone further cuts in corporation tax.That would free up £ 6bn for the NHS, he says.

Corporation tax was due to fall from 19% to%.

Johnson says he is announcing package of measures to help business flourish.

Here is how they were summed up in an overnight press notice from the Conservative party. (Bold from original release.)

A business rates cut.The burden of business rates will be reduced as part of a fundamental review.

A jobs tax cut.National insurance contributions will be cut by £ 1, 000 for over half a million employers.

A construction tax cut.Tax relief on the purchase, building or leasing of a structure will be increased by 1%.

A research tax cut.We will review the scope of R&D tax credits and increase the rate by 1%.

Johnson says the country needs a government that “believes in business” and understands the importance of wealth creators.

He claims more businesses have been created in the UK since 2010 than in France and Germany combined.

Johnson is broadening out his speech now to wider policy areas. The Tories would cut crime, he says, and invest in education.

Young people must be able to, literally, find work, he says. And that is why infrastructure is so important, he says.

He says, as well as focusing on big infrastructure projects, Johnson says he wants to focus on smaller transport projects too: better roads, better buses, more cycleways. He loves cycleways, he says.

He says, by doing this, government can create “the platform for growth”. And, if it does that, the market will respond, he says.

Johnson says he wants to cut the productivity gap in the UK.

But he will do that not be decapitating the tall poppies, but by leveling up.

Johnson claims (Jeremy Corbyn) would be dependent on an alliance with the SNP.

And he says Corbyn’s position on the EU is “positively mind-boggling”.

He says it is still not clear whether or not Corbyn will campaign for the deal he will negotiate with the EU. Or, like Alec Guinness in the Bridge on the River Kwai, will he blow up the bridge he has himself constructed?

CCHQ Press Office(@ CCHQPress)

.@ BorisJohnson: As for his position on the EU, it is positively mind-boggling. He wants to negotiate a new deal – for at least another three months & then he wants to spend six further months asking the public to vote on his deal in yet another toxic referendum campaign (# GE)

(November) , 2019

CCHQ Press Office(@ CCHQPress)

.@ BorisJohnson: One thing is clear: the Sturgeon-Corbyn alliance would consign this country to months if not years of dither, delay, discord and division when every month of pointless delay – insisted on by Corbyn – is costing this country a billion pounds for nothing (# GE)

November 18, 2019


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