Monday , October 26 2020

General election news – live: Labor cut Tory poll lead, as Boris Johnson dodges BBC and ITV interviewers amid ‘cold, hard evidence’ he lied about Brexit deal – The Independent, Independent


Labor’s Rebecca Long-Bailey hasn’t read antisemitism submission

Shadow business secretary Rebecca-Long Bailey admitted she has not read the Jewish Labor Movement’s submission but said that some of the comments are “shocking”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’sTodayprogram, Long-Bailey said: “I haven’t looked at it, no. I’ve certainly seen media reports.

“And what I’d say is, I mean some of the comments that I’ve seen in the press have been absolutely shocking and the Labor party would never under any circumstances condone any antisemitic behavior in the way that’s been outlined in that report. ”

She added that the Labor Party“ did not deal with the problem quickly enough when it was first presented ”but that now they have“ sped up our processes ”.

On EU citizens being able to vote in a potential future Brexit referendum, Long-Bailey added:“ I think it’s right.

“I think it’s fair to ensure that those people have the opportunity to vote over their future, because essentially this isn’t just about the future of people who were born here, it’s about the future of people who contribute to our economy and have done for a very, very long time. ”

Long-Bailey was also questioned on Labor’s claim that the average family would sa ve £ 6, 700 a year under a Labor government, something the Institute for Fiscal Studies has described the chances of as “remote”.

Addressing the claim, she said: “That’s why it’s important that the word ‘average’ is used – we’ve not said that every single family will benefit in this way.”


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