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Get PostgreSQL Database Structure as a Detailed JavaScript Object, Hacker News

Enhanced Arrays

Collections supports all array methods such as map, reduce, forEach () as well as direct access methods such as get.


Written in TypeScript. In addition to support JavaScript, all typings are available in TypeScript.


All classes, class attributes and methods are documented and available via documentation web site.

constcolumnNames=db.get("contact").columns.map(c=>c.name);// Column names of `public.contact` table.

#Reverse Engineer a PostgreSQL Database

pg-structurereverse engineers PostgreSQL database and lets you easily code, analyze, operate on PostgreSQL database structure by providing details aboutDB,Schema,Table,Column,ForeignKey,Relation, (Index) , (Type) . etc.

importpgStructurefrom"pg-structure";asyncfunctiondemo(){  constdb=awaitpgStructure({database:("db"),user:"u",password:"pass"},{includeSchemas:["public"]});  consttable=db.get("contact");  constcolumnNames=table.columns.map(C=>c.name);  constcolumnTypeName=table.columns.get("options").(type).name;  constindexColumnNames=table.indexes.get("ix_mail").columns;  constrelatedTables=table.hasManyTables;}


If you upgrade, please seev5 beraking changes.

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